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Turtle Having an Orgasm


Just look at his face...


I don't know why but that was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. The noise especially creeped me out.


Why did I watch this? I don't even know.





thought this was an entourage post


why can't ours be that long, lol




happiest turtle alive..his face is like shining with satisfaction.


And the female turtle was getting nothing out of it, classic.


do are you like beating off to this shit? I mean, that's the only explanation something this odd can get.


It was linked to on another forum. I found it funny and thought I'd share it here.


ok, now that I know it was a joke its cool. I was just curious as to what kind of attention you were paying to this.

it is too funny, that turtles face is amazing


I don't know what's worse... seeing a turtle having an orgasm or seeing a dude have an orgasm.


I was bored enough to sit through that entire video.

Thanks, OP.


Tapeh: i neva lrn 2 imbed




Dang, Gamera has sex?


He came right out of his shell.



I like how he rammed into the step like 3 times before he got to her lol


Someone offer the turtle a cigarette