TRT dose of 150mg weekly based on bloodtest?

Hi guys, I am 42, from the Netherlands and had in 2020 my first test only cycle running only 250mg per week. I want to start with a lifetime self administered TRT dose two times per week a shot of 75mg Test E as I feel I am not at optimal levels. I have done a bloodtest and my SHBG is only 12.9 nmol, free test: 0.302 nmol, testosteron 126.6. Cholesterol is on the high side. Will the TRT make the SHBG worse or should I not worry about it and what also worries me is the Trychlicerid, cholesterol and Alat value.

My stats based on Tanita weigt

Weight: 104 KG
Height: 181CM

Muscles: 68KG

Fat: 32%

Visceral Fat 14

Your total test is 11nmol/L according to the provided copy of test results.

Also, you have probably around 20 kilos of excess body fat which usually contributes to a low SHBG.
When you lose the fat, the SHBG should improve (getting higher in your case).

I cannot help with cholesterol question, sorry.

Hard to say why you have a little elevation on liver, but eating a better diet and remove alcohol if you drinking at the moment should be a good start.

Also 150mg TRT seems like a good starting dose. Some like to start at a 100mg per week and work their way up if needed.

Good luck man.


Androgens lower SHBG, nothing you can do about it. Some men actually develop low testosterone and have a high SHBG as a result of the lower androgen levels.

My SHBG was 11 nmol/L pre-TRT and after losing 38 lbs, improving type 2 diabetes, SHBG hovers at 24, double the original value!

Check this out, losing 38 lbs of fat decreased my triglycerides from 331-> 88 which is normal!

My cholesterol is 292 (High), ranges <199 mg/dL but my triglycerides is 88 (low), ranges <=149 mg/dL and high density lipoprotein is 7.7 (High), ranges <=3.9.

As for the high cholesterol, in combination with elevated high density lipoprotein, which absorbs cholesterol in the blood and carries it back to the liver to be discarded. The liver then flushes it from the body.

If you can get triglycerides normal, by losing weight, changing your diet, high cholesterol is healthier for our energy expensive brains, decreasing your risk of cognitive decline, reducing your risk of alzheimer’s and dementia.

Also, many doctors that prescribe statins are completely unaware, healthy youthful testosterone levels is required to remove cholesterol from artery walls.


Thank you for the great advice. I have seen your reactions on other posts, and was hoping that you would also react on mine as it makes sense what you are advising. So it is now ok to start with TRT while I am making changes to diet, or do I need to wait till I first loose some weight?

Your cholesterol is wack for someone who looks like you do (provided you aren’t using steroids)

You are from netherlands. People of Dutch heritage are some of the most likely candidates to have some form of primary inherited dyslipidemia.

If this is the case with you… you gotta teat the shit lipids with the trt.

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I have only done one cycle in 2019 of test E , 250mg weekly. Currently nothing. I am from origin Turkish, so not sure if it has to do something with origin. However you may be right that it could be the cause. I will start with loosing fat and do another bloodtest to see if there are any changes

Optimizing your hormones will increase the amount of fat loss potential. Nothing wrong with trying the natural route first.

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