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Trinabol 150?


Has anyone heard of this? Does it need to be shot as often as sustanon because it has Trenabolone Acetate, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate,and Trenbolone Enanthate each at 50mg.


My take would be yes youd still need say EOD injections if you want to have consistant blood levels. You'd start out high, the the ace. would drop then the hex. then the ena.

But I suppose in theory you could go twice weekly and not swing to much. Hey im no pro for sure thats just what I gather from my reading, listening and learning.


This kid is seventeen.

Don't help him. He won't listen to people smarter then him.


17... That's a good age to start.

To study, that is, that will give him at least 6-7 years to figure out what works, training and dietwise, before he starts with the AAS.

To start now with the AAS.....

I hope he's not THAT stupid?