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Tren Cut Cycle Macros


Looking at a tren cut/recomp cycle. Later this year. The compounds and cycle will look like this:

Test e 250mg (trt dose) 1-12
Tren A 400mg Ed 1-12
Mast e 500mg 1-12
Var 50mg 6-12

So my question is daily macros. I want to cut aggressively weeks 1-6 at at least 500 cal deficit. And weeks 6-12 go up to cal maintenance for a recomp.

My thoughts are during the cut: (500 deficit)
25% carbs (most pre and post workout)
25% fat
50% protein

My thoughts during recomp are the same as above except for the 500 extra calories filling them with carbs only. Beings I will be going to calorie maintenance.

I’m curious as to thoughts on my macros for the cut and recomp periods. Obviously this will be clean food only. Any comments welcome on The macros. I’ve run tren before and I respond very well.

Thanks for any input.