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Tramp Stamp ... LOL


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That clip fucking rules! Everything he said about the "tramp stamp" is true.

Maybe I'm biased though, as the last girl I dated ended up being a miserable skank, and she had indeed stamped herself a tramp. New Kailash rule: No slutty tattoos. My mistake for thinking a girl could have tattoos like that, and still be happy and dignified.

This Bob dude should consider starting a religion or perhaps a fascist country somewhere.

BTW, here's one that's made just for T-Nation:


Steps up on soap box.

I believe that anyone with a "TS" as we have abbreviated it in my neighborhood so the people with them wont know we are talking bout them is indeed a tramp. The name is correct. If I am in a bar, and a girl with a ts talks to me, conversation over. I will not date a girl with one, associate with a girl with one, none of it.

I do not care if Jessica Simpson got one and came up to me, I wouldnt do it. (Jessica Simpson may be the exception, but you get the point) If you date a girl with a ts, your friends will give you grief for it, eternally. And they should. If I dated a girl with a ts, and my friends didn't say things about it, they would no longer be my friends.

Please bear in mind the reason for getting a tattoo on the lower back, give you something to look at while you are tagging them from behind. Or to attract male attention to that part of their body. Those qualities are not wanted nor tolerated in a woman for me.

Steps down from soap box.


I don't care. I like them. They are 1000% better than a tit tattoo any day, and at least 500% better that a back of the shoulder tattoo.

This is funny, though:




Those particular spots speak white trash...trailor park...redneck.


We were at a clothing optional resort a couple of years ago, and ther was a woman ther that thought she needed the Aztec Sun tatooed around both of her nipples. I would trather see a lower back tattoo any day over that shit.


While lower back tattoos may be cliche, they look a lot better than ink on a girl's chest, or breast.


I definitely agree. But hate tramp stamps none the less.


I think they're kinda cool.

The fact is they ARE for tramps kinda, but like everyone else said, if women HAVE to get a tattoo that's one of the best spots.


Someone who gets a tattoo or a piercing almost by definition is someone who is a little more free with their body or a little less inhibited in general.

Can't say I care one way or the other, I'm not a prude. It's similar to the "how many previous boyfriends" thread.

And long as she's healthy and it works for the both of you, worry about the present and possibly a future.


There was an otherwise beautiful girls slingling burgers behind the counter of an A&W, between 17-19. I contemplated trying to get her number, but I saw a tatoo on her right wrist. It was flowing, cursive script.

I don't remember what it said, but it turned me right off.

Low back tats are sort of ok, though cliche.

I like lower abdomen/hip, myself.


It's a lower back Tattoo. You call it a Tramp Stamp why? I've met plenty of girls w/o them who were sluts, many with who are not.

I have an upper back tattoo, but I'm a Pimp.


Ohhh. What a turn off!

Her sign, and flowers for the Family members....hardly slutty.


To each his/her own. I am seriously attracted to women with tats. Exhibit A: Masuimi Max.


Where would this world be without tramps? I love tramps because they love to fuck and aren't at all prude about how and when. Sure beats picking up a dirty whore in a seedy part of town. Hell, a fun trampy chick might be around for several months. Bonus!


Sheeiit. Bring on the tramps.


I dont particularly like women with big tatoos, but I find this to be incredibly hot:


ouch you guys are harsh...but then again im very picky about tattoos on both girls and guys...hugest turn off for me is a guy with tribal around his arm..ugg so sick of tribal. yes it can be cool at times but those are rare...does whold back tat=tramp stamp??


I even like these.


Tramp-stamps are the lower-back tattoos that tend to come to a point over the ass. Usually either tribal or floral in design.

Full back tattoos are not tramp stamps.

And for the record: your tattoo is bloody hot.