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Training With DeFranco or Cressey?


Hey folks!
I was wondering if any of you members have ever considered or actually did train under someone like Joe DeFranco, Eric Cressey or Kelly Baggett?

If so how was it? How much did it cost?




I haven't done it but I can tell you already that it will be expensive. Just how expensive, I don't know and it probably depends on which coach you want to see.


Your best bet is to email them and ask.



no one in here trained with em?


I did a consultations with Eric Cressey earlier this summer. I live in Los Angeles, but was training in Boston for a little while. I emailed him and set up an appointment. The comprehensive consultation was $189 I think. (not sure, email him to find out for sure)


I'm currently working out with Eric Cressey and it is definitely a good experience. It's great because he has to answer my questions! I'd recommend it, although it is a bit pricey - not sure if he would want me to give out his rates online, though.


Kelly bagget has his rates at his site http://www.higher-faster-sports.com. Eric Cressey does not have his rates up on his site but i have spoken with him and they are a 50-100 more.Not sure about defranco. Im positive youd get great results and achieve your goals with any of them though as the all really know there stuff.


I was lucky to get Eric Cressey's services for free for 4 months, and I made some decent gains because of it. If you have the cash (not sure about his rates), he's definitely a good coach to work with.


how come you got it for free?


Price shouldn't even be the factor here, its the quality you get out of the program from cressey.


yeah i know i already bought his off-season manual and its really good. very educational. but still for people that do not have that much money to give away prices still matter.


Why don't you find a USAW coach or a powerlifting team in your area? When you have saved more money, then check out EC or whoever.