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Training with Asthma

i have had asthma my whole life, which hasn’t stopped me yet. I’ve played lots of sports and I am currently doing thibs’s 6 weeks to superhero program (its awesome)but my question is… does anyone else on here train with asthma? do you have any tips on how to get through the winter months (I seem to have some sort of severe breathing problem ever day when its cold) I already went to my doctor. all he told me was the usual “stay at 160 lbs or less, don’t lift super heavy, do light jogging” and all the other shit most doctors tell asthma patients. so if anyone with asthma who has been training longer than me has any tips or good advice I would like to hear about it.

I have allergy induced asthma that nags at me all year long. I take advair (the purple disk) year round and singulair all year round. I use a fast acting abulterol inhaler when necessary. For the most part my asthma is under control. The sauna/steam room at my gym help alot too. Your asthma sounds worse than mine though. Hopefully this helps though man.