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Training While ON


Hi, long time lurker first time poster.

A lil about me and my cycle first. I’m 28, 187lbs @11% bf, been training for 14 years, decided now is the time to go to the next level.
I’m going to run a test E cycle @ 250 mg’s twice a week for 12 weeks with a two week taper.

My question was,how long after the first injection do I start training like I’m on a cycle?

I lift 4 x per week, when on I was going to do a 6 day split routine with a lot of going to failure and negs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Is this a real thing??? Please tell me you are joking…


bruhhhh … where the fuck did u see that u need to stop the training wtf ???


or you mean like start training 6x a day and not 4…?


6 day split = A routines where you hit each body part over the course of 6 days with the 7th being the rest…

Never said I would stop training…

And I didn’t list the AI or PCT, I’ll be using arimidex EOD and nova for the pctz

It’s accepted that when you’re on a cycle you can train with more frequency and intensity, so the question was at what point after injection do I ramp it up?


Have you ever considered the fact that in Internetland, most of the people who tell you how drug users train have never used drugs before? Think about it.

Do what got you up to your current level. Add volume/frequency/intensity depending on how you feel and evaluate results.


I have to echo the rest of the guys, I didn’t start 2 a days and 6 days a week, when I started gear. I have been training like that for a long time. It’s just what works for me. You should figure out how to train beforehand.


How exactly does one train like he is on a cycle???

You can train with more frequency and intensity? hmmm okay. Or you coulda been busting your ass 6 days a week for quite some time now instead of thinking it’s a good idea once you start a cycle. You could easily train 6 days a week naturally. The great thing about the body is that it adapts to whatever kind of training you put it through. So if you are doing 6 days a week then thats what your body and CNS will adapt to… Taking gear isn’t going to magically make you train 6 days a week without your body going through an adjustment period and suffering a little.

You aren’t injectiing Unicorn Piss Enanthate!!! It’s not fucking magic… I think you need to work on training 6 days a week or whatever you plan on doing before you start to run gear. Yes, you are only running 500mg of test a week. But the statement about “training like you are on a cycle” blows my mind…


My opinion would be to simply stick with your current routine and just train harder immediately. You mentioned negatives etc - they’re great so use them, but fuck using them 6 days a week

As moosejuice mentioned, the body adapts to anything. How long you would last doing negatives every day is questionable though.

After 14 years you should know your body, so I’m assuming your current 4 day split works for you. It’s unlikely that pushing it harder from the get go will lead to overtraining before the gear kicks in, unless you’re already there - which you aren’t, because overtrained men don’t usually fantasize about doing negatives 6 days a week

You might even get a nice placebo effect in the short term.


hahhahahahhahah… this forum is awesome! Man, respect, same way brow! Same way! If you train like a mother fucker, you’ll grow, if not, U know the answer…

There is a little bit of science in your question, against all here, despite all here, you have your reasons.

Steroids can make you recover better and faster, and make you lift more! So, yes, you can train more frequently and heavier. Test E will take 3 weeks to kick in…

Don’t forget some IA, with 500mg/ w, most of us will have some E2 problems.