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Training the Neck

I just got a neck harness off of the internet, tried it out, works great. the only thing is that I’ve been thinking about what else I need to do in order to get a bulls neck.

Now the neck harness will work the neck in 4 ways, but it leaves one thing out. It won’t train the twisting function at all. Now, I could easily develop a headband type of contraption and put a strap on it to hang plates from laying face down on a bench, with my head at a bench perpindicular to that, w/ my head where the verticle/horizontal parts of a “T” would meet if that makes sense.

So I have this figured out…but assuming that I could get a working model in place, would training the twisting function be safe at all??

I remember seeing in a Pavel book an exercise (that Paul anderson used to do)that works the rotation of the neck using bodyweight.
Not sure about safety, but i believe its ok if you dont use excessive ROM or combine rotation with flexion.

besides all the power lifts such as: squat, deadlift, cleans, shrugs
do neck bridges/ wreslter’s bridge.

also when doing neck work with your harness, do each rep slowly and under control, also hold for time, hit each angle.
you gotta do lots of reps/ sets till exhaustion in order to stimulate growth in neck sze.
the neck is kinda like that calves, always there doing something, so the typical rep/set routine is not enough to stimulate growth.

Yeah Sagat is talking about a neck bridge were you lay on your face basically and twist from left to right. Its in Pavel’s book Beyond Bodybuilding, great read lots of effective and useful info. I haven’t tried it myself but i will post the name of the bridge when i get a chance and you can try and google it to see pictures and descriptions of technique to be used.

I would check out dragondoor.com for articles that may have info about training the neck. I agree with Sumabeast, do the reps slowly and try to contract the whole trap/neck area when your in the top position.

Also checkout functionalhandstrength.com, the head of the site is John Wood and he may have some info that may be helpful to you. He sent an email out about two months ago and he says his goals for this year is to add 2 inches to his neck and to reduce his waist size by two inches. Hope that helps.