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Training - Plz Critique


Hey im 15 years old and i play football and basketball i played and started varsity last season as a sophmore cornerback 5'8 150 lbs and had a pretty good year. Football is my best sport and i only play jv bball. I am attempting to still lift during the off season. Plz give me some direction on my training.

I train two days a week whole body.

Deadlift 5 x 5
Bench 5 x 5


leg extension 3 x 10
leg curl 3 x 10
pull-ups 2 x 8
standing military press 3 x 8
bent over rows 2 x 10

Squat 5 x 5
Power Press 5 x 5

one leg squat 2 x 8
RDL 3 x 8
light incline 10, 8, 6
upright row 2 x 8
barbell curls 2 x 9
tricep extensions 2 x 8
shrugs 3 x 8

core circut
shin/calf work

Age: 15
Weight: 150
Bench: 245
Squat: 300
Deadlift: 350

any help would be appreciated


Ditch the leg extensions. Do the power press before squats.

Ditch the leg curls, you are already doing SLDL and deadlifts. Or you can choose between SLDL or deadlifts and also do GHM if you have them available.

I don't see why you need upright rows. You are doing shrugs, military press and benches, rows and chins. In some people upright rows can aggravate the shoulder. I think they are more trouble than they are worth and you are better off sticking to the exercises I just mentioned.

Good numbers by the way!


I'd ditch isolation work and do multi-joint exercises in their place


Thanks for the imput but i guess i don't understand what you mean when u say im doin sldl and deads because i was doing it on different days and i forgot to mention that i train at home so im limited on equipment. thnx for the advice tho


I meant to say sldl, as that was what was written on your routine. Even though your rdl's and deads are on different days, along with the 3X squats and also power cleans, that is a bit much. I would suggest picking only one type of deadlift per week.

If you can do glute ham raises, do those instead of hamstring curls. If you can't get access to a ghr station, you can do natural ghr by hooking your ankles under any low, stable position. Some people do it under the lat pulldown station.


Oops! confused you with a post on another thread!


Its cool but do u have nething to say about my training?


You mentioned you train at home - is there any way you can split up to three days a week and do less each day? That's a lot of different exercises in one session, and generally, training sessions shouldn't take more than an hour. After that, the positive hormonal response tends to drop.

I'd split it up into a 2 workout split, one push dominant one pull dominant, focusing on increasing maximal strength for now.

Push day would be something like:

Push press - 6 x 5
Squat - 6-7 x 5
Split squat - 3 x 6-8
Calf raises - 3 x 10-12
A little shoulder or tricep assistance work if you're not already beat
Weighted crnches - 4 x 10

Pull day would be something like:

Deadlifts - 6 x 3 (keep form VERY strict on these)
Bent-over rows - 6 x 5
Leg curls - 4 x 6-8
Toe raises (I think that's the kind of thing you meant by shin work)
Side Bends - 3 x 8 each side

Exercises could be alternated every few weeks for variety and to make sure you hit the muscles you need to - for example, exchange deadlifts for power cleans after 3 or 4 weeks, back squats for front squats, rows for chins, things like that.

I'd alternate these workouts in a 3x/week pattern for a while. It's simple, balanced, and can be easily changed if you start to feel run down or if you feel it's not enough. If you feel it's not enough, I'd do some more bicep/tricep/forearm work. If it's too much, take out a set on one exercise for a day, maybe two.

Let me know if you have any questions or anything,



Thnx alot for the advice ur template looks very good and i will def use it in the future prob in a couple months once the playoffs start for bball and i don't have to be worried about being soar on gameday since i won't b playing.

But for now i've decided im prob goin to stick w/ something close to my oringinal template and make changes as neccessary.