Training partner, or solo?

Hey guys (and girls)! I have a question for you, but first I want to tell you a story. When I first started training two and a half years ago, I trained with two other guys. About six months later, I graduated into a t-man (you know, paying careful attention to my diet, changing my program once in a while, etc.). However, my partners didn’t have the same attitude as me, so I started flying solo. By the way, I’ve gained about five pounds while dropping my bf by about 8%, while they still look the same, hehehe :slight_smile: . Then, about two months ago, I started training with a fellow t-man, and I love it! The friendship I’ve gotten out of it is amazing, and I love the gratification that comes when I can help my partner reach new goals, and vice versa. So my question is, whom of you enjoy training with a partner over flying solo, and who prefers training alone?

Solo - My workout is too brutal for most people - not too many T-men around here.

Solo for me. I don’t like to talk or think about anything but the weights during my workout. 70% of the time Im solo. The only person I can deal with is my boyfriend, we spot each other and give quiet words of encouragement and ocassionally laugh,but otherwise no talking.

I train solo, but not by choice. I don’t like not having a partner, but not only for company and encouragement. Honestly, I don’t feel safe lifting alone. When I was training with my boyfriend, I would try upping my weight signifigantly occasionally. But now, the fear of getting ‘packed’ on a bench or getting stuck on a squat keeps my lifts more conservative. I work out at 6am and have found no one willing to go with me at this hour, so I’m stuck solo for now.

Although I don’t have a training partner right now, I would prefer to have one. I work out at home in my basement, and often have to stop short of that last repetition out of fear of getting stuck. The last time that happened I was benching 235 and couldn’t force out that last rep. I ended up tilting the bar until the weights slid off one end and the other end catapulted across the room. Not fun.

My wife’s as dedicated to training as I am, so I go with the “partner” option. However, if that wasn’t the case, I would definitely go solo. Before my wife started working out with me, I learned through bitter experience that your choice of training partners does indeed make a difference in your progress (or lack thereof if you choose badly). Of course, if you choose to go solo, I’d advise that you have a knowledgeable trainee occasionally observe your lifting and critique your form.

Wyzz Kydd, get a power cage! If you don’t have the room or $ consider some safety stands (parabody makes some nice ones).

I train solo at home. I train at 5 am, which is basically the only time I have that I can count on. Safety isn’t an issue, as I use a cage all the time. I just don’t buy cutting the training short for safety. USE A CAGE!! Takes care of the whole problem. At about $350-450 for a cage, it’s the best insurance you can buy.

I prefer to fly solo as well. First off, I don’t see too many fellas or ladies that are as serious about training as I am around here, so I don’t think any of them would be conducive to my goals. Also, by going solo, I am able to change up parameters whenever, and I also don’t have to worry about the no-shows or change in plan Don’t get me wrong, I think partners can be great. I was fortunate enough to train with a two different partners over the summer. One was my age–and we just went at it like two mad men–and the other was about 20 years older–I learned a ton and had great workouts. For now, there’s only one way to rock.

Jimbo, bro, let’s hook it up, my man. I love the attitude and would love to rip some shit up with ya!

When I first started hitting the weights after I graduated high school, I had a partner. It was cool working out with him because I knew nothing. And he was a strong son-of-a-bitch. Unfortunately, since he had good genetics, we didn’t always work all bodyparts like we should have (biceps, shoulders, hamstrings). He was able to get away with it, but I suffered because of that. Now I have to bring up those imbalances, and it contributed to my shoulder injury that I’m still dealing with.

For the most part, I have been going solo for the past four years. A few times, I did have a girlfriend training with me. But they weren’t serious about training and didn’t provide me much motivation. I’ve gotten used to going solo, and my workouts are quicker and more focused. But I do miss having someone to train with me. It would be nice to find someone who was a real T-man at my gym, and who had the same goals and time available to workout. Hey Timbo, I’m jealous! So now you want to train with Jimbo and not me??? What’s up with that? I’m so betrayed. heheheheheh

Nate Dogg in tha house! How did it feel to get back in the game yesterday, bro? I was right there with ya, dawg! As far as kickin’ some arse with ya, you know I’m rowdy, rowdy and 'bout it, 'bout it. Let’s do this dance, my man!

Nate! man, you’re just dateing the wrong women! go to the gym early some day… I go at 6:30, and if there are other women in the free weight area then they are usually there to work hard. At that time of day there is much less ‘look at me’ stuff going on.

Timbo, what up bro? Yeah man, I hit the gym hard yesterday. My back is so freakin’ sore today. And I gotta hit the stadiums and do my bodyweight exercises soon! It’ll be tough, but I gotta do it! Keep up the work big dogg! And I’ll answer that super long e-mail of yours tonight! :slight_smile:

Michelle, my gym doesn’t even open until 8:30am, and I’m at work by then. And there are such a small handful of women that go to my gym, that hooking up just isn’t going to happen whether it’s for a training partner or a date! My gym is hardcore and dirty. And only a few brave women enter the gym each day.

I used to do morning workouts, but that was really tough. Training before 8 a.m. just doesn’t work for me. I prefer to do it mid-afternoon or right after work. Maybe I should go to another gym so I can check out the honeys. But then I’d be paying an arm and a leg. :wink:

SOLO!! now and forever. I can’t tolerate non committment, inflexibility, change when needed and the counseling that usually goes along with training partners. I will throw a word in to regulars here and there, but usually in and out in 35 minutes, nary a word said, goals reached, notes taken, out the door.

Hey, all! I train alone at home, too. I had a GREAT partner when I used to hit Gold’s, but life got in the way, jobs changed, and now I am fortunate enough to have a home gym setup. BUT, I do miss the training partner. Even when we were using rest periods that were too brief to “take turns” on exercises, it was still great to have a partner there to PUSH and BE PUSHED.

Michelle, I have to agree...when I WAS going to Gold's, only the dedicated women were there that early. As you said, they are usually the ones that are serious and are there for true T-Vixen reasons. Gotta love that! By the way, a sincere compliment goes to you, A Girl, and ironbabe for gracing this forum with your honest and sincere T-Vixen attitude, presence, and lifestyle.

Michelle, interesting, I like to work out early also. Seems there is less competion for the weights, no “meat market” atmosphere and I get my workout in before life gets in the way. My only complaint is that the gym is really cold at that hour.

My gym is great - World Gym - I don’t know if they are all the same, but they open monday at 5 am and close friday at about 10. yup…that’s 24 hours a day during the week. good weekend hours too. One of the things that i’ve really noticed about switching to mornings is the almost complete absence of the ‘posers’ it’s wonderful.

I'm not as focused as Jay, but I work pretty quickly and quitely. My biggest rewards are like what happened today, random big-built-man-who- could-curl-my-bodyweight stopped and gave me a hand with my seated row form. It was pretty cool! Morning people seem to just be there for the weights and it's like a know what i mean? (no slams intended to the afternoon crowd!!!!!)

And Jeremy, thank you. It's great to talk to such a large group of guys who have such focused goals! Some of these threads are a total riot too! I'd like to thank all the guys who take the time and 'effort' to treat us 't-vixens' with respect and as equals!

I love training by myself. I usually superset everything, having a partner may mess me up. I also use a stopwatch for my rest intervals and get pissed if someone screws me up. I will occasionally let people work in, but only if they dont screw my lifting up. Most only want to talk. Im not there to talk. I say uhuh and uu. Mainly just grunts. I would prefer to be by myself with no one there.

When I started working out, I had a partner who was hitiing it hard for about two years already and he was in GREAT shape. This was before my education too so he was a great help. Unfortunately I lifted hard and heavy too soon, got imbalances from bad program design, and got a nasty shoulder injury which still bugs me to a small degree today. Right now I work out alone. I work at a corporate fitness centre and work-out mid-morning so there’s very few people who can do my schedule. I’d love to have a partner but one that wants results, not socializing in the gym. Gotta save that for after the workout. :wink:

I train with my wife.