Training Only 20 Minutes?

I am close to this guys age and it takes me longer than 20 mins to get through my warm up sets. I need to be more like Bill


For what it’s worth, if I were to limit to 20m I’d be running off a stop watch and doing something like

5min amrap ‘warm up’ circuit
2 push up
1 pull up
Increase by 2 pushup and 1 pull up each round

Immediately into 10 min

Working up in sets of 5 to a heavy 5 bench

Immediately into 5 mins for pump
Incline db press
Incline db rows

Also, I did Murph for 30 days and if you can get the 100/200/300 pull/push/squat in inside 20 mins thats a pretty good 3 day/week bodyweight workout


Legit, a big part of making this succeed is to stop warming up. Or do like Dan John and make the warm up the workout.

The question was not whether you can get a good workout done in 20 minutes but if you can build/maintain one like Bills training that way he does.

To that I say NO. Doing suitcase KB walks, fat man rows with bands, dips and pull ups for 20 minutes using his “special” breathing and contraction techniques are not building or maintaining his physique.

I listened to his Mark Bell podcast as well as other videos and he contradicts himself often. He gives vague answers and wants to come across as this laid back Hawaiian dude.

His diet was also less than stellar, stating he has a sweet tooth and eats what he wants but, he was promoting ketones.

To me it looks like just another social media training “guru”.

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These are very much world’s apart as a question.

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I hear you and I know the Dan John article you refer to but I still think this is a bit of a stretch. Could I flog myself in 20 mins sure, but would it be productive towards a long term goal ? I am not convinced.

I figure if I am only training 20 minutes a day, long term goals are a non-entity

LOL then we are very aligned. I really like the idea of picking one exercise a day and doing 20 mins hard to see how well my body would cope with it. hmmm I will re-visit this one in future when the time is right.

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You might like Easy Strength as well

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this one ?


I like the Easy Strength Omnibook

Do you know if that on kindle through amazon or only on Dans website?

I only know to get it from his website, but it can be read on kindle.

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I don’t mean to pick one sentence out of your post and argue, especially with so little context, but this intrigues me because I see the sentiment frequently. How could one be dishonest or not forthcoming about their genetics? We all see exactly how the person looks.

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I assume the inference is that they can get or maintain the physique they have because of their superior genetics and the result is not achievable for the sorry masses.

Thanks TFP, I’ll explain.

The genetics thing is a lie of omission, or often, outright denial, just like PED use. That’s why I used them together.

To be clear, I am not a hater. I have zero problem with people who have great genetics, people who use PEDs, or people who fit both.

What I take issue with is the growing number of people that meet each of the qualifiers below

  1. Have a great physique
  2. Use it to sell XYZ
  3. Tell people that XYZ is why they have the great physique.
  4. Choose to omit, or worse, deny, that the REAL reason they look the way they do, or perform the way they do, is superior genetics, PED use, or both.

In an attempt to make it more clear: Liver King vs. Larry Wheels. Both have a great physique, both use it to sell XYZ. One is a deceptive piece of shit, the other is fully open and honest about his superb genetics and PED use.

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