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To Much Leucine?


Hi guys, I've been working with CT's amino pulsing protocol.

I was wondering if i am using to much L-leucine, i don't want to mess up the ratio of BCAA. I cant remember the source but i've heard to much leucine can interfere with the other 2 bcaa's and cause a decline in protein synthesis.

6:45am - 12g peptopro, 4g leucine
9:30am - 12g peptopro, 4g leucine

Preworkout - 4pm (12g peptopro 4g leucine)
During workout (12g peptopro, 4g leucine)
After workout (12g peptopro)

I'm likely to cut this down because of the costs but for now i've been buying the peptopro in bulk.

A total of 16g leucine added throughout the day.


I read an article by John Kiefer where he said the dangerous level is around 2000g/day and if you were ingtesting that much there are biggers problems to be worrying about.


Found the article, it's 2 lbs not kilos, but still haha


I've been having much, much more than 16g of leucine a day for a few months now; I'm not dead nor have my results been hindered.

I would think this a non-issue.

Also, Leucine would hinder the effects of Valine/Isoleucine? Where did you hear that one?


How has leucine affected your results?


In all honesty, I cannot tell much of a difference from a muscle building standpoint when superloading leucine in workout nutrition.

However, when superloading workout nutrition during my post workout feast, I sweat balls and wake up thinner each morning. It's great.

I just take leucine when I have huge meals with a boat-load of carbs now, since it seems to make more of the carbohydrates used for substrate to build muscle or be stored as glycogen (from the insulin levels perhaps).