Timbo's Birthday!!

You know, Rock, I distinctly remember you saying to me, “For real, man, I think I’ve got a river of Estrogen flowing through me or something, 'cause I’m a rather emotional fella.”

Well, on your big day, I’d like to become the emotional one and wish you all the best and thank you for helping me to get in touch with my fluffy bunny feminine side:)

Check yo’ email.

Happy Birthday Timbo!!!

Love reading your posts.

Hope the year ahead is a good one!

Thanks again to all the Fam. I’m really not too big on birthdays, but you all really made this one special. Speaking of special, I’m ready to make this 24th year a damn good one!

Happy Birthday shout-out to the Spanker.

The day’s over, so let’s get back to work dammit!:wink: