Timbo's Birthday!!

Hey Everyone!

Today is our very own T-rock’s Birthday.

The even cooler part of it is that he’s turning 23 on the 23rd of July in the year 2003!!!

I think he deserves a big B-day congratulation from all the people on the forum. This place wouldn’t be the same without him.

We love you Tim!!

Love, C-rock

Always enjoy reading your posts, T-Bo.

Happy Birthday.

Make sure to mix some carbs AND fats together in the same meal today, Tim. Remember, carbs AND fats. Just this once.

Happy birthday, Tim!

Happy Birthday little big bro.
You are one quality person, thank you for your help and friendship.

Happy B-day my man! Who’s the lucky lady who gets to give you 23 slaps on the behind?? Wait a second, that sounded really gay…haha. Not that there is anything wrong with that of coarse…;o) Anyways, I am sure I am not the only one here at t-mag you feels that your contributions are first rate and HIGHLY valued. I know you have helped me in many ways! Have fun bro.

PS…by the way everyone, my b-day is Nov 30th (hint hint)

Timbo Happy B-Day!!

You do ROCK my friend!

Happy birthday Timbo!!

You da woman!!

Wait, that didn’t sound right.

You da man.

What a bunch of quality kids. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your kind words. Unfortunately, all my fitted baseball caps will not fit on my head today because you’ve all caused my head to swell with the ego-bursting comments:-)

My first treat of the day: 100m sprints at the track. If I can move in the near future, I might have to heed CGB’s words and do it up right today with a some forbidden C/F meal(s). Unlikely, but we’ll see.

Now, if I start sending out individual e-Thank You Notes, we might be here all damn day, so I’ll leave it as such. But you all know how much I appreciate your company. I also know that I’ve been somewhat dormant recently, but I’ll do my best to drop in as much as possible.

Thanks again everyone, especially you, Cass.

Happy B-day dude, have a great one…

Good call…

Happy b-day TImbo…


I have sent the Hookers and Heineken.

The Heineken is the Skunky smelling one, to avoid confusion, the Heinie is in the Green bottle. If there is still little difference, return the Hookers for a refund.

You and your posts help make our Nation what it is!

“They who drink beer will think beer”

~ Washington Irving
Happy Birthday T!



happy birthday ya old fart

This is the T-man we all know and love.

Happy Birthday again Sweet-T.


It’s Your Birthday----
It’s your Birthday—
Have a great one Ma Man!

IM 28!!





Have a good one, man. Thanks for all of your help.

DAYUM! Timbo is celebrating his birthday already?

Happy 23rd Birthday Timbo! I hope you have had an awesome day so far.

And I’m looking forward to seeing you here this fall! You can get it on with some hella hotties while you’re here! :wink:

I’ve been busy as hell and haven’t had much time to browse the forum, but I’m glad I saw this post.

Have a great day bro!

Happy B Day!

Happy B-day, Timbonator!

I’d get ya a girl to jump out of a cake, but as you can see, I don’t think it’s this gal’s type of thang.