Tight and Immobile!

[quote]ScholesGoals wrote:
I have been trying unsuccessfully to run a beginners program called starting strength for the past week or so, I have not been very successful in my endeavour.[/quote]
Quick note right off the bat: “A week or so” is hardly enough time to give any plan a fair shake. Let alone call it an unsuccessful endeavor.

If you were in pain while performing reps of a given exercise, that’s one thing, but simply not hitting depth on a squat doesn’t exactly call for bailing on the routine.

Exactly what injuries? Are they fully healed or still problematic? Are you 100% cleared for unrestricted exercise?

I cringe when I see “unlimited fruit”, but if it’s working for you, stick with it.

How long does this take, 10 minutes, 20 minutes? And I’m figuring it’s another 1.5 mile walk home after each workout?

Like Rez was saying, the sooner you add some more comprehensive resistance training, the better. In particular, I don’t see anything for the lower body at all. That’s not good.

Deadlifts and/or Romanian deads should certainly be doable. 135 might be too much to start with, so just use an appropriate load, set the bar in a rack, and start the movement from the “top” position. Also, goblet squats will be key:

The Limber 11 is legit, so sticking with that everyday is fine. But I wouldn’t do the lifting part everyday. 3-4 days a week will be plenty for that. Also, instead of a general 3 months, consider setting something like a “mobility benchmark goal”, whether it’s a good, deep unweighted squat with arms overhead, or X reps with Y weight on the assisted chins. As soon as you hit it, advance your training to the next level.

Just how old are you? Maybe consider this training template specifically for slightly-older lifters, also from Joe DeFranco (the coach who came up with the Limber 11):