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Thoughts on Meet Prep Training Plan



Just wanted to hear thoughts about this program. Feedback and criticism is welcome. Lets say a meet is in 10 weeks

Day 1 Deadlift + Assistance
Day 2 Rest
Day 3 Bench + Assistance
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 Squat + Assistance
Day 6 Rest
Day 7 Military Press + Assistance

Ok so thats the basic plan


Week 1: 12 rep max
Week 2: 10 rep max
Week 3: 8 rep max
Week 4: 6 rep max
Week 5: 5 rep max
Week 6: 3 rep max
Week 7: 2 rep max
Week 8: 1 rep max
Week 9: Deload
Week 10: Week of the meet

Essentially I would be hitting absolute rep maxes, and leaving no reps in the tank.
Lets say deadlift I can currently hit 495, for a 8 rep max I may hit 405.

Do you think this style could/would work?

Any help is appreciated.




Check out Ed Coan’s Peaking Cycle. It’s tried and proven by one of the greatest and those he’s trained and very similar to what you have in mind.

There’s a also a thread on these forums by someone who personally trained with Ed Coan and gives some more details.


“Could it work?” Depends on you and your training history.

First, reflect on your training, recall what has worked for you, then trust your instinct and make a plan. Once you’ve set your “direction” get into the details. For the plan above, since there is only one top set, I would damn well want to know which accessories work best for each day and how I am going to adjust volume for peaking/the meet (besides the drop in repetitions),

It is similar to Coan’s style. I believe he said something to the effect that the 10 and 8 rep sets weeks out were used to build condition and also to measure what numbers he could put out and that he would use those weeks to help him “pick his numbers” and how to approach his goal (the guy talks a lot about picking the right numbers). That is something to keep in mind.

I perform like shit on once a week splits and prefer high moderate/high frequency with work mostly done on the comp lifts or very close variations. Building up volume and intensity slowly and then tapering off. So I wouldn’t do it. My point is, don’t try anything too new or that doesn’t flow with your training right before a meet.


Thanks for the replies guys. I will check out the links. Ed Coan is the GOAT

I havent done this before, just thought id mix things up

I usually train high frequency (squat 2-3 times per week)

I usually hit 15x1, 12x2 or 10x3 but progress is slowing down, so thought I would mix things up