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Thoughts on Clostebol


Hey Guys,

Was wondering what everyone's take is on Clostebol (those who have heard of it).

Basically it is an injectable testosterone acetate which has been modifide with a chloro (like turinabol) so that it won't reduce to DHT or Estrogen...it is less powerful than test in terms of mass/strength but still has some excellent anabolic effects with little to no sides. I am thinking it would be a good addition to test/tren or test/mast to balance out the androgenic:anabolic ratio and be able to up the total AAS without adding additional sides.

The effects are supposed to be similar to that of primobolan which is pretty fuckin good in my book.

Only drawback is that it is low concentration which would be solved with a higher dose UGL brew and the other is that it is an acetate so it would need to be injected ED for stable levels...not a huge fan of that.

you could potentially use it in a testP/trenA super brew where you are going to be shooting ED anyways (sort of like test/tren/dbol but with less water retention and because they are all oils you could shoot them in a single super brew and avoid mixing in an oral/suspension). It would need a jazzy name though...perhaps 'ClosteBomb' (75mgTestP/75mgTrenA/75mgClostA per mg)....that shit would be badass.

Your thoughts?


Not converting to DHT and estrogen would actually turn me off of the drug. For a pre-contest cycle, sure it's appealing because of no aromatization. But for a cycle with other non-aromatizing drugs a little testosterone is good to keep estrogen levels from falling too low. No dht may make some cycles uncomfortable as well.

I just think that with the availablility of AI and 5-AR drugs this preparation of testosterone is not so valuable.


FG - you know that it will still have androgenic activity even though it is not reducable via the 5A-r enzyme?

I think that if it was worth using, then it would be in demand.. there have been hundreds of steroids synthesized over the years and if it was useful i am sure it would be much more common.. on reading a little it is supposed to be very weak.

I assume it is significantly cheaper than Primo as to why you want to use it instead?

Bonez, it isn't a Testosterone preparation just as Boldenone isn't a Testosterone preparation.. All synthetic AAS are based on one of the three natural androgens, with this a modification of testosterone making it a derivative.

I would be interested in seeing and hearing about results FG - when are you going to use it and as what dose?


Ya, I know it will have androgenic activity but it is supposed to be weak so you would be using it in the cycle more for the anabolic properties (espically if you already have test/tren/mast in there which are all strong androgens)...I haven't decided on using it yet...it is just something that may be available so I was doing my homework. If I do use it I will let you guys know how it works out.

I am thinking about it because I want to add something that will add some anabolic properties without adding sides...I don't really tolerate dbol or deca that well (too much bloat) and primo i love but it is expensive as fuck and really only suited to 8+weeks cycles...EQ is good as well but it fucks up my BP something fierce and only really suited to long cycles as well.

My first choice is to add in a healthy dose of primo but i was thinking this may be an alternative for shorter cycles where primo depot doesn't have time to kick in. If you are already injecting ED then it would have nothing but upside.

I do agree that most gear which is obscure is obscure for a reason but every once in a while there is a gem out there that is just waiting for someone to figure out the right use for it. I think with Clostebol it might be with testP and trenA as a replacement for dbol for people like me that would like to minimize estrogen.


The reason it was available as a pharmaceutical at only 25 mg/mL is because it has very poor solubility properties.

I made it once (it's a simple reaction) and so know personally that it really does not dissolve well.

I suppose one could make a quite-painful preparation at say 50 mg/mL (very much loaded up with solubility enhancers) but really what would be the point. What would it do that other anabolic steroids do not? Nothing.


Actually come to think of it, I made clostebol propionate, not the acetate. So I haven't personally seen the very poor solubility of the acetate, but only of the propionate.

I can be sure the acetate has poor solubility, though, because for molecules with similar solubility parameters, as is the case for comparing say testosterone propionate or trenbolone acetate with clostebol acetate, solubility is lower with increased melting point. And the melting point of clostebol acetate is quite high for a steroid ester, at 229 C, vs 120 C for testosterone propionate or 97 C for trenbolone acetate.

It may very well be the case that the pharmaceutical had to be very loaded up with solubility enhancers to get even the 25 mg/mL.

The propionate, btw, was not long-term stable at 25 mg/mL in straight vegetable oil. So it had less than half the solubility of trenbolone acetate in the same vehicle, and the acetate is probably worse than the propionate.


OK, so could you post some details of what you have learnt about it so far?

Honestly Nandrolone should not bloat you badly if you have estrogen controlled, in fact if you use a source that is definitely high quality nandrolone (as i have) you may well find that it is a very high quality anabolic with hardly any bloat at all with just a little proviron..
Also you mention Dbol, but apart from the bloat which is excessive with this drug (even though it aromatises less than T) it is a high androgen so surely wouldn't be an option anyway?

Primo Enanthate would be absolutely fine in a cycle as short as 4 weeks (frontloaded naturally), how short do you want to go?
Any shorter (2 weeks - 3 weeks) and surely you would be better off with an oral like Primo Acetate, Oxandrolone or maybe Tbol?

Do you have an example of this ever having been true? I cant think of one..

I am not trying to stop you using this drug (although from what BR says i doubt you will anyway) just trying to point out that there are plenty of 'anabolics' that are suitable for your goals.


Sounds good, but with its low potency and poor solubility you would have to inject like 3ml/day plus the other gear and for little gain. However, if I could get a bunch for cheap, I might do a bunch to make up for it's low strength. I bet you'd get good dry gains.


This is exactly why I post stuff like this on this board...because I know there will be someone with some experience on it that will let me know how it worked out for them (or more likely how it worked out poorly).

I am not sure how the guy I spoke with is going to get a high mg product but I think he said he was going to brew it at something like 100mg/ml...he is a smart guy so he likely knows what he is doing with it.

In terms of using a drug properly there have been lots which have now become more popular because of certain other advancements...most obvious use is high test doses becoming popular because of anti-e's being developed...increased use of 19nors in cycles becoming more prevalent because of prolactin antagonists like caber to combat the sexual sides...turinabol was obscure for a long time and came back because the chinese started to manufacture it (nobody missed it while it was gone but once it was available people now use it often)...anadrol being combined with winstrol seems to have made use of both more popular because of the cancelling out of their downsides. I know these steroids weren't really obscure but what I was intending was that the usefullness of a compound often changes with advancements in other compounds or processes which make them a more viable option....clostebol might be useless at 25mg/ml but it could be awesome at 100mg/ml.

In terms of the nandrolone it just didn't agree with me...I was getting gyno issues despite high doses of anti-e (to the point that my joints hurt and my sex drive was crashing but I was still developing painfull lumps under my nipples...bone dry everywhere else but developing gland tissue)...I get this with tren and nandrolone...maybe I am just very sensitive to activity at the progesterone receptor. I am very much still considering getting the glands removed (likely this winter if it is going to happen) which will hopefully solve this problem. With the tren I don't get the bloating, with the deca I felt blaoted and lethargic...it may have been because my test dose was also very high at the time so maybe I was confusing sides from the one with the other...it's very possible. I just know i felt like shit on deca and felt a lot better when i dropped it for masteron.

DBol gives me wicked back pumps even at very low doses...I can sometime get away with 10mg/d but that is it. I can lift weights without too much of a problem but to run the amount required for rugby it just slowly seizes up until I have to stop and try to stretch it out which is sometimes a lost cause.

I am very happy to run primo but it isn't always available and it is expensive so i would love a suitable alternative.


Actually from my experience you are mistaken in the paragraph about changes in drug use:

For example, Test has been used at high dosages long before AI's were so prevalent and IME Nandrolone is considerably less used now than it was 10 (or maybe even 20) years ago.

Drugs like Tren and Tbol are only (seemingly) more popular as they are now being produced by UGL's and as such are available, when Negma still made parabolan in the 80's and 90's (i think) it was very popular with competitive BB's.

As for your assumed progesterone sensitivity, why no add in some winny to see if that helps - as you mentioned many seem to add it to drol for this reason (which is utterly useless IM and not worth the time or money).

If i were you - someone who didn't want a large amount of muscle by any standard, and just wanted to be lean with a better performance, i would honestly stick to low/mod dose Test and a single anabolic... winstrol, oxandrolone, masteron.. for example.
Shit, this is enough for someone who DOES want to be big too!

Let us know how the Clostebol works out anyway, it is interesting to hear of someone experimenting with an obscure compound.


I am pretty much down to running just what you said...a moderate test dose (600-750mg/w) and stacking it with masteron (200-250mg/w) and or primobolan (600-800mg/w) is optimal for my sports performance.

Winstrol seems to give me the same issue as dbol...don't understand why. I can use provion at 100mg/d with no problems but I take 25mg of winny and the back pumps are crippling within the day. I can run var up to 60mg, OT up to 30mg, Dbol no higher than 10mg...anything more and my lower back seizes up. I have tried adding taurine and high dose vit C to counter this and it does help a little but not much.

I will def report on the clostebol if I do end up running it. Like I said if I do I will likely stack it with testp/mastp or testp/trena.

Thanks for the advice guys.