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Those nasty, nasty oils

Does anyone have any good tricks for masking flax oil or udos choice? How about a salad dressing combo? Or adding natural peanut butter with it in some Advanced Protein?

The taste still bothers you in the advanced protein? Ive never really noticed/been bothered by it in my shakes. On a side note when mixing the oil into the protein shake, shake/blend the protein first without the oil, then add the oil and just give it a small shake to mix it in if you want. The reson is because the components in the oil are damaged by blenders and vigorous shaking. (this info is from Udo Erasmus in “Fats that heal Fats that Kill”). As far as masking the taste, when I have my protein/fat meal with tuna as the protein source, I mix 1 tbl udos with 1 tbl mayo and put this on the tuna with a little bit of relish, it actually tastes pretty good. (I know your ability to do this will be somewhat limited by the strictness of your diet being that mayo isnt exactly a ‘good’ fat). I also dont mind the oil poured on mixed veggies or with my chicken, I just rub the chicken into it. Try mixing it in your rice or with potatoes if you are not on the massive eating protocol (no mixing of protein/fat). Also make sure you get it fresh-(take it from the back of the row at the health food stores and you might get the freshest one- just check all the dates the stuff goes bad quick and will taste nasty depending on how close to expiry it is). Hope this helps.

I don’t see what’s so nasty about them. I just down a couple of spoonfuls and I’m done. It’s not bad–a bit of a grassy aftertaste.

Mix it in a blender with a flavored MRP. You can’t taste the oil then.

I just spoon the crap in my mouth over the sink in case it wants to come back up … I tried mixing it … just doens’t work for me. Suck it up and just know it’s good for you.

Buy natural Peanut Butter and pour the oil off the top. Replace the peanut oil with flax oil and mix well. This will give you 3-4 g. flax oil per 2 Tbsp. serving. Not up to my standards. About 1/4 to 1/2 of my fat is fish oils, except I am only eating 40-80 g. of fat a day right now.

Could you put the page number up as a reference? I actually shake up the bottle everytime I use it, per Udo’s recommendation, as the different oil blends tend to settle differently. Oh, and I just take it to the head, mouthful will do ya!

It was an aquired taste for me. I started taking flax seed oil about nine years ago. I used to put a table spoon beneath my tongue and gulp the stuff down with a chaser (and I would still gag). Now I can just swallow it at will. Also, I’m 25 now and maybe my tastebuds have changed.

Thanks guys. I appreciate everyones input. I think I’m going to blend some natural pb with my advanced protein and then shake in some flax. I may mix some Udo’s with some vinegar. See if I can come up with a new dressing. I’ll let you all know.