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Thinking About my Goals

So, finally I found a way to get some pictures up. First, I’ll get into what this is about, then upload the pics. So, the last time I got my BF checked was… never. I feel relatively fat looking. I’ve been bulking my ass off from 179ish to 238 in about… a year and maybe 2 months. My BF has definately gone up significantly, along with muscle mass. At 6’2", it’s hard to look impressive. 17" amrs just don’t cut it at my height. When you see the pics, you’ll probably think I’m lying about my measurements, but I can assure you I did them tonight and they are all accurate. So, my dilema is, I feel like I’m getting a little chubby, but I really want to keep adding size because the muscle I have is not going to be impressive. I guess what I’m asking for is for you to let me know if pounding the calories and bulking some more is the right choice or if you think I’m too fat and should lay off the 4500 calorie a day thing for a while.


Thighs: 26.75"
Upper Arms: 17"
Calfs: 17.5"
Chest: 45"

Best lifts

Squat: 365x3
Deadlift: 405x5x5

Back double biceps

Quad 1


bad lat spread (not a ton of room in the bathroom, no excuse for the lack of width though)

see how small my arms and chest are?! But those fuckers measure 17, my heights fucking me

a calf shot, thought it looked ok, doesnt really make any difference to the post though haha

You don’t look that bad really. If anything it looks like you are filling out ok. Still got a long way to go though - I can’t believe those arms are 17’ lol

I’m kind of in the same situation. You and I both have pretty similiar stats. My gut and ass is getting big although I’m not ready to cut yet, and either are you imo. Your looking pretty decent so just make sure you train extra hard and make the most of it.

I ramped up my intensity alot more recently and have been reaping it in.

dude, I have no real advice. But you’re relatively lean. I wouldn’t give up on my bulk if I were you

Honestly, with the measurements you posted I would think you could put up higher numbers.

On your front double bicep pose you could turn your hands more toward your head and you will notice a little more peak in your biceps. You have your hands forward which makes them look long and flat.

On The Good Side: At a bit over 4lbs a month for the last year plus; you have done a good job of adding weight without looking like a tub of lard(see your height is good for something). LOL

On The Bad Side: You MUST get stronger!! At your bodyweight-your numbers should be higher. During the time you put on the weight(a 30% increase)-how much did stength improve on your ‘money’ lifts?

IMO: Focus on consistant stength increases for the next six months or so; while trying to maintain your scale weight. You are still going to need at least 4,000 cal/day.

Well, since I started lifting my bench went from 125 MAX! to the dismal 235 it is now. I mean it’s a crazy increase, but I started so week that this really isn’t that impressive. When I got down to 175 i was borderline bulimic and ran for hours and hours a day.

Before that I was a really chunky 256 and decided I’d do whatever it takes to lose that weight. Practically all my lifts went up a ton, but form was a huge issue in the begging. I never did shit, so I had to pretty much learn from scratch how to lift weights.

As far as stats compared to size, I know I need to get my stats up. My arms are really really long, longer than my buddy who is 6’5". Thats why my arms look so skinny. I’ll see if I can upload the pic of the measuring tape on 'em lol.

So what do you suggest for gaining strength? I was thinking like a 5x5 or something. Does that sound good?

[quote]BlueCollarTr8n wrote:

IMO: Focus on consistant stength increases for the next six months or so; while trying to maintain your scale weight. [/quote]

Agree on this point.

Also for what it’s worth, you look a lot leaner than I’d expect for someone who put on almost 60 lbs. in 1 year. Well done.

Thanks guys. The thing about the fat weight I gained, it’s mostly in my gut and ass lol. Which, because I had to tape my phone to the mirror to get these pics, was kind of hard to see. I know that if I lost weight, my already dismal strength would go down.

I mean if I eat less carbs for one day I feel like a slug. And I would more than likely only be around 200, 205 ripped which, IMO is not respectable. I mean I’d like to be 290 ripped someday. For now, I’d be happy at 230 and see what I look like there, but I have a ton of work to do.

But, does anyone suggest that 5x5 I was going to try? I’m going to start on Monday with chest. Probably go for 5 sets of 205.

Here’s a pic of me measuring my biceps. It’s not really on the peak too good, might even be a smidge bigger than 17". Just for some proof, I don’t want to beleive it either lol, seems like they need to be 19" to be even respectable.

tried to turn my hands in more, still no peak…

[quote]BJammin wrote:
tried to turn my hands in more, still no peak…[/quote]

You look discouraged.

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