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100% agree RE safety consideration.

Not to mention we’ve got to play by the rules and are heavily scrutinised even when we do so.

As Idaho said, for me at least, the number one goal is to safely affect the arrest without Injury to anyone, no matter how big of a fuckwit they might be.

Never heard that one before but it is the stone cold truth. Take any major city and cut the power for 48 hours, see how society would react…

Thought for the day:

Its Friday, wear a little red today.


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Thought for the day:

Got to agree with this. PowerPoints are the life blood of the USG:))). A little departure from the norm.

“PowerPoint makes us stupid,” General Mattis said at a military conference in North Carolina.

Thought for the day:

Something that came up this weekend teaching a CCW class:

If you use marijuana for medicinal purposes, PTSD relief, or just to “relax”, just be aware that it doesn’t matter if it is legal in your state, it is still a federal crime and you are banned from buying a firearm. If you decide to buy a firearm, read the 10 questions very carefully and make your decision on how to respond.



*Thought for the day:

“If you face just one opponent and you doubt yourself you are outnumbered.”


I’m not sure I understand. Is it just because it’s a poor substitute to learning compared to other methods/experiences that people could have instead of staring at a projection on the wall for an hour? I have a professor who I’ve never seen use PowerPoint in class. You should be able to easily listen to him speak, because only boring people give boring lectures (wink, wink), and I don’t think he feels like it leads to as much learning, or something along those lines.

I’d want to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I think PowerPoint is badly overused by lazy people who just don’t want to put in the work necessary to have something interesting to say and who hope that pretty slides will make up for lack of substance. However, it can also be quite valuable in highlighting the key points of a complex presentation. The brain does tend to focus on bullet points better than just a bunch of text projected onto a screen.

I was referring to the massive use from the military side. A lot of “leaders” throw up a power point, tell everyone to read the slide and comment. No teaching involved, especially those who lack personal experience in the subject they are teaching. How do you even throw up a power point on CQB tactics when you spent your whole career in logistics? True story.

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Also agree. I am a visual learner myself and have benefited. As I said above, just need practical experience to go along with it.


Thought for the day:

Total respect for these women warriors:

Can I ask u about ur silat trianing?

I’m new to silat and need to know some stuff

My background is in Kali, which I was fortunate enough to study on a regular basis for several years. My Silat training was picked up on various military bases, when I was able to find an instructor. In recent years, due to lack of instructors in my area or where I was working, I started training in Krav Maga. Silat / Kali training is excellent in teaching cross over movements with canes, BO’s, sticks, and even umbrellas. Perhaps there someone here who has deeper background, because, I am certainly no expert.

Thought for the day:

It’s Friday, wear a little red to support those deployed.


Thought for the day:

Apply this quote from General Patton to your training.


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Thought for the day:

Are you prepared for a total power loss or natural disaster? If not, think about what would happen if a major city went completely dark for 48 hours.


Thought for the day:

“Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.”
– Jeff Cooper

When I help teach a citizen class, I see some males express this attitude. The women in the class have better sense.



This made me think of something my BFF used to say… If your gun isn’t loaded, you may as well have a stick.

Hey Idaho!

I’ve been thinking about this thread lately. A while back (year before last) I got my kiddo and myself a sling shot to plink with and start to develop his skills with ballistics.

So this year I got him this for his 9th birthday.

Ruger airhawk elite II

Figured I’d run it by you because you always have some useful and interesting info about the subject.

I really have to ratchet down on the safe handling and procedures with him now to get them ingrained.

We haven’t used it yet, as I have to get a few hay bails for a backstop, but we should be breaking it in soon enough.

And tips or pointers that you have would be appreciated. He used the regular sights on a lower velocity Crossman last year and a little this year, and did as well as could be expected for a young kid afraid of loud noises.