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The Sh*t Talking Thread


What the fuck is wrong with all you musclehead wannabes on here? Grow a dick already and be polite.



It's not funny or clever


Shut the fuck up bitch. You sound like a fucking dirty old cunt. Get the fuck out of here!


I posted something so mean to you that it got deleted. I'm proud of myself.

Never mind its on top ^^^^ thanks mods for letting it go through.


I want to know what the fuck is up with your crappy avatar Oleena? I thought it was a long haired small flat chested boy laying out when I first saw it. Show your true assets puta.


You forgot the beer belly.


Yeah I was just checking out your pic in the TILF thread. I'm pretty sure my biceps are bigger than your's and I'd probably need a magnifying glass to find your testicles.


You pussy sucking ho bag! Shut the fuck up!


I am so hot for you right now.


Wait... no... NOW!


fucking cock suckers!


Get off my leg. Too many muscles!


cry me a you pussy guzzling douche


Yea she may be hot, but not nearly as hot as betaberry(T-Nation member).

In the women kingdom, This is the ultimate form of shit talking^^^^^^


cry me a river you pussy guzzling douche


Link to profile or it never happened.


Nice double post bitch. At least you got it right the second time.


Big words from a little boy. Since when have I ever given a shit who was prettier? Obviously someone's never messed with a real woman before!

I bet your dick's so little you can't even see it through the hair.


Next time you're about to take a picture laying on your back let me know I have some wadded up socks here and 2 hershey kisses.


lol. Yeah. That's what I get for hitting refresh instead of stop.