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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains


C4W2D2 - SQ
BWX10, 45X5, 95X5, 135X5, 170X3, 200X3, 220X9 (PR)
BPA’S and Crunches between - 5x25 each
DL BBB 135x5x5 (FSL, sort of, lol).

Last time I squatted 220 for a PR set was 4/10/2018 and I got six, so that felt good.I had to take a few days off so that helped, I think adding squats as assistance on DL days helped, and I had some carbs yesterday, so that helped. I was fasted, so that didn’t help. Either way, feeling okay about the progression right now but feel like I need to get serious with the DL - I had no idea what my FSL weight should be because I don’t really have a working TM.

My son turns twelve today, going over for cake later. Will be the first time I have seen my wife’s family since I moved out in June - should be pretty awkward.


you look awesome!!!


Great PR mate.
Happy birthday to your son.


You look incredible dude. Like better than 90 percent of guys I sèe at the gym regardless of age .
You look like a person who has known what he’s doing in the gym for a loonng time .


Happy birthday to your son. Hope the party is not too awkward! I wonder if in laws are worse then ex in laws? Enjoy cake.




With your history of getting hurt by DL probably better you start way light.


So, to continue, I am thinking about going to C5, resetting to C3 weights, doing 5’s Pro with FSL 5X5.

Then, cycle six doing 351 with PR sets in three week and one week with FSL 5x5.

Just thinking, still have to eat.


Try resetting to 85% of 1RM or the weight you could do 5 good clean not grinding reps with.
Do 2 cycles of 5’s pro with FSL 5x5 or 3x3 if DL is taking the shit out of you.
Deload one week,
then one cycle OG or 351 with PR set on week 1 and 3.
5’s pro don’t do me good, but I know a lot of people likes it a lot.


So, basically, that’s the plan with the exception of, I am going to reset my TM two cycles after my fifth cycle.


So 5’s pro to cycle 5
351 on cycle 6 with PR on threes and ones week
cycle 7 5’s pro or 531 PR again?
then reset cycle 8 to cycle 5 weight?

That’s a good and trusted way to do it.


Actually, stick to the plan for cycles 4 and 5, reset to cycle 3 TM’s for cycle 6, then 5’s Pro for cycles 6 and 7, 351 on cycle 8 with PR sets on 3’s and 1’s week.

Got it?

Lol, what I’m thinking.



C4W2D3 - BP
45X10, 95X5, 130X3, 145X3, 165X8, 130X5X5
DB ROWS 5X10@35
Seated incline curls 25x8x3 SS with Tri extensions 25x8x3
TPD’s and FP’s 60x12x3
Shrugs 70x12

Disappointed with the amrap, but lifting fasted.


My bench amrap went down with weight I hit 10-12 reps on down to 8. My max went up 20lbs. Just saying they don’t always correlate.


I try not to get too invested in daily amraps (key word “try”) since every day is different. I actually ate yesterday so I should have been good as far as that goes, but I can never tell lifting fasted.

I also did BP as assistance on my OHP so that may have affected it as well. And I have not been in the gym as much as I should be, so that my contribute as well.

It’s all just too complicated to worry about the short term stuff.

Thanks for the encouragement.


That is a very good plan, sticking to the good old trusted 5 forward two back.

And 5’s pro followed by PR cycles is pretty standard these days.

And for bench and pr’s on amrap sets I do have the same feeling. Supposed good days turns bad and the other way around.


C4W2D4 - DL
HYPERS 20, DL 95X10, 140X3, 160X3, 180X10 (Capped to prevent injury)
Assistance - SQ - BWX10, 45X5, 135X3, 170X5X5
BPA’S and crunches in between, 5x20 and 5x25

Had to take a couple of days off, felt good to be back. The 5x5@FSL was easier than I anticipated. I’m not sure if it’s because I am rested or fed, but it was way easier than the 5x10@50% - could also be I’m more suited to shorter work periods.

Bloated at 193.4 this morning (or well fed).


C4W3D1 - OHP
45X5, 65X5, 85X3, 100X5, 115X3, 125X6
SS with LPD’s 80x10x5

Assistance - BP 45x10, 65x5, 95x3, 135x5x5

Curls 25x8x5 SS with TPD’s 45x10x5
FP’s 45x12x5 SS with Shrugs 70x12x5

Haven’t pressed in almost two weeks so the six rep PR set was to be expected. I have to make it more often.


C4W3D2 - SQ
BWX10, 45X5, 95X5, 135X3, 180X5, 205X3, 230X6
BPA’S and crunches in between, 5x25

Assistance - DL 155x5x5

PR set of six was a little weak. Oh well.

Debating whether or not to de-load next week since I took a little hiatus last week.


Deload only if you are feeling crushed