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The Pursuit of Mythical Gains


Thanks for the compliment. I feel like audience is a key component when writing. My log entries are mostly for me, so I am very brief in them. But when I write for narrative, I definitely like to tell a story.

I’m not a big Stephen King fan, but I really loved his memoir - On Writing: A Memoir on the Craft. He spoke at length about writing first drafts for himself, and then revising for his audience.

Education has its own jargon as well. I feel like jargon is often short hand for those in the know - but I also feel like sometimes it is to make the speaker feel smarter, ethos for the fans of rhetoric.

Yeah, I hear the same. I think there might be a challenge in there somewhere, lol.


(No) Progress Pic.


It’s true about writing…if you bore yourself how can you expect other people to enjoy what you write?

I would challenge you to a sleep off, but I would beat you so bad, it would be embarrassing (for you)!

Not sure if you ever posted a “before” pic, but I would not call that a (no) progress pic!


So, I am a king sleeper. I have been known to go to bed at three in the afternoon and sleep until five the next morning.

I am normally in bed by now - try to get up at three to make it to the gym by four.

If you scroll through the thousand posts, you will see a few progress pics, and there isn’t much progress after the first year or so, but I think that is normal - sort of - especially if you keep making the same mistakes - program hopping, not eating, etc…

I do think I look a little bigger than before, but I bounce around between 175 and 200. Everything fits better at 175 but I think I look better about 195.

Oh well, it’s just a journey.


You’re kidding right? You look a TON better.


Sleep challenge on then sir. The queen aboit to take the crown from the king!

You look great, think you are being a bit tough on yourself.


Lol, you go queenie!

Thank you - it is my nature.

I guess it’s up to each as far as appreciation of aesthetics. For reference, here is the last pic I posted - it’s from July of 2017 and I was 185 and about 13% per my bogus BIA.

And for reference, today.

And, from 2006.


Fast progress, then slow. I guess that’s the deal.

Sleep on champions!


That is impressive. Nice work


Huge progress! Great job!


You look fuller.


that’s been a great journey you’ve had Myth.
What does the scale say these days?


So that’s like RPE 8, right?


Averaging 189 weekly, at 15.4%, lol - bogus BIA. I’m probably closer to 18%.


Might be the lighting or angle of shot, but your abs look more defined and solid, probably a result of heavier lifts. Plus, you’re stronger, so you’re winning the game. Great work, man. And from my own log I can say we are usually our own worst critics…


Thanks! I do almost no direct ab work. I read a log a while ago about how bracing does enough and I took it to heart. Before beach weather, I do start doing weighted ab work, but the rest of the year, nothing.

So true!

I feel fat. My clothes fit tighter and that makes me feel fat. And, while I may feel fuller, my brain tells me it’s just fat covering what little muscle I have, lol.

I need to go all @MarkKO and eat like a champion.


Just go slow. Gradually increase your intake. Ditch the BIA for a few months and keep the mirror and scale.


Just my opinion…I think men look better fuller and heavier. I get the hard work it takes to cut…but I think they look better beefier and wider vs cut with abs…


So you prefer the 220 pound 2006 version, lol?


Well uh no. Your current pic is the best imo


I’d say that depends on your frame and how you store your fat - if someone has a really small waist but stores most of their fat in their lower back/love handle area they probably look better lean

Something like 12-14% would probably be pretty good for everybody, you still have some padding and look big in clothes but you also look lean-ish without them