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The Man Above Thread

… has been Resurrected

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Insult the person that posts a comment. Simple as that.

^is a desperate virgin living in parents basement with way too much time on his hands, and not enough hands on his cock

^is depressed cause he lives in the frozen wasteland of Minnie-soda~

^Thinks “69” is a phone code for service maintenance.


^likes mayo…so is white.

^had to settle for X since Professor A - W were already taken

^lives in Texas for the whole “queers and steers” allegory…with a heavy on steers. Momma had a farm and lots of condoms.

^knows she used condoms

^even counts his own crabs.

^previous poster edited post because too slow.

^has been trying for the the last 10 years to get “toned”

^likes long walks in the park…but charges an extra 50 bucks for that.

10 dolla for handjob.

^Charges $8.50

^will get me a refund for that 8.50. by April 15.

^Irresponsible with his pets

^Likes baseball because of the tight pants and the “balls”.

^charged me £40 to tell me my teeth were fine

^actually had bad cavities but his wife is planning to cash in on the life insurance claim next month.


^forgot there are no people in the UK with okay teeth