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The Lonely Road

Victim 1: “Hey Mac, you wanna work out today?”
Me: Sure, why not.
Victim 1: What are you doing today?
Me: Squats and DL’s
Me: My workout is different, you should restrict yourself until you are able to keep up.
Victim 1: No problem, been lifting for years.

Next Day:

Victim 1: I am soo sore. You are over-training. What’s with those Bands, I can barely walk. You shouldn’t be squating that low, it may hurt your knees.

Me: Thanks for your advise, but I’ll be alright.

I have to be tactful in my responses since I am in the military. But this is just a taste of what I go through on occassion. I have officially given up on looking for a traiing partner. All they do is complain or slow me down. They want to talk to others in the gym or hold a conversation about work.

My road to to be a Competitive PL is a lonely one. I live in the Power Rack and the Power Rack is mine and mine only! LOL. Anyone who dares try to use it are immediately, tactfully told to leave because curls can be done else where.

My road is lonely because I have days when i feel like crap and don’t want to lift a damn thing. I would love to have a partner to get me through those days, but I don’t. It is sheer will and determination.

My road is lonely because I have nobody I can compete against and try to out-lift. I compete against training log. I made it a personal challenge to at least beat my training log by 5Lbs per week. My training log is sometimes my best friend in the gym, because he doesn’t talk back and always agrees with what I tell him to do.

My road is lonely, but I enjoy it. I know in October when I compete for the first time, I will have gave it my all. I am not looking to break world records YET. I am looking to network, compete and gain some insight from more experienced people.

My road is lonely, but that is just the way it is!!!

Anyone else traveling this lonely road to fame and glory in the PL world?