The Life Reset Log

I’m not getting into details. Just that the last year after experiencing a culmination of toxicity for many years has been horrendously unhealthy for me for a variety of reasons and I’m working hard on finally setting things straight.

One of these is weight lifting. Lifting has done great things for my psych health and I’m getting back in the game to stay in the game.

My first goal is consistency. 3 whole body sessions a week.

Secondary goal is to rebuild my work capacity as the foundation for future strength/muscle gains.

Tertiary: strength and muscle

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I did my 3 sessions last week. They’re unlogged except for the fact that I did them. Mostly I was just testing the waters to see where I’m at.

Oly Shoe High Bar Squat (not an oly squat)
cluster set of 5 RPE 8.5
cluster set of 5 RPE 9

Standing Press
90lbx2x6 rest-pause 2 more reps

Supinated Chins
4x3 last set was RPE 9-10 and did one more very slow negative right after the final set

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Power Cleans 1 floor to 1 hang in sets of two
135x9x2 EMOM I can bump the weight up next time

Leg Press
90lb/side by 3x15 more reps next time

1-Arm NG DB BP
45x3x10 more reps next time

Zercher Box Squat

Incline DB BP super set w/ Incline Chest Supported DB Row

Machine Curls

HB Squat w/ Oly Shoes
225x10x2 EMOM

Standing Press Clusters
95x5 RPE 8
105x5 RPE 9

Underhand Chins
1x3 plus a very slow negative w/ a 10s pause in the middle

Heavy Powercleans from Floor
185x7x1 1-1.5 minutes rest between sets
185x1 plus 1 from the hang that I starfished a little
I’ll see if I can EMOM it next time since it wasn’t too difficult

Leg Press
230 next time

1-Arm NG DB BP
not too bad, i’ll try 55 next time

EZ Bar Curl