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The Latest 700lb Raw Bench

Julius Maddox


That’s a stout boy, ha.

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Hands inside elbows grip!


There was a picture on Josh Bryant’s IG where Julius and another giant are standing next to Josh. Josh is close to 300lbs but he looked tiny in that picture.

I think there is something to it. “Conventional wisdom” (noobs on PL forums) dictates that the widest possible grip is best because of the shorter ROM but some of the top benchers right now like Maddox, Jeremy Hoornstra, and James Strickland (who coincidentally are all coached by Josh Bryant) use a narrower grip. It reduces strain on the shoulders as well as minimizing the risk or pec injuries, both of which are a huge deal when you are benching over 600, plus they all have massive triceps which they put to good use. Other well known lifters and coaches have also opted for a closer grip, such as Jim Wendler and Konstantin Konstantinovs.

He just hit 705 in comp. I think he can break the WR if he stays healthy.


Give him a few months and the record will be his unless Kirill increases it.

Look Out, Russians!


I’ve been watching Maddox for some Friday, and it has to be written that he has obvious talent.

However he will not break Sarychev’s WR. Especially if Sarychev has a real potential on 350 kg. :slight_smile:

(18x 200 kg!) ↓ ↓ ↓

@chris_ottawa Now, I noticed that you mentioned Sarychev too, but what I wrote is and will true.

Only time will tell, it looks like Sarychev hasn’t made any progress in two years while Maddox’s numbers are steadily moving up. He almost got 723, that’s only 15.5 away from Sarychev’s record. The way I see it, the only way that Maddox won’t surpass the current record is if he gets injured. That doesn’t stop Sarychev from setting an even bigger record, but that is yet to happen.

I would not underestimate Sarychev. When Sarychev concentrates on break the world record, so he stops drinking, leaves his girlfriend and concentrates only on training. In short, all potentially disturbing activities in his personal life be disturbed at that moment.

Does running WRPF and putting together competitions also count as disturbances? I think he has been pretty busy

He is the director and owner of the WRPF. I think he enjoys it, because he earns enough money…

How? I haven’t seen Sarychev bench over 317 kg since he broke the record.
Maddox can almost bench 328kg now.

The fact that Sarychev didn’t publish a bench over 317 kg in the preparation doesn’t mean that he didn’t lift this weight or higher weight. :wink:

Papi 320kg + would be like programming in work with 95% + 1RM (335kg) for Sarychev and I don’t think Sheiko is a fan of that kind of stuff.

Dis tru but Sarychev usually posts a fair amount of stuff on social media and the like so if there were big bench gains being made we’d have seen it.

He’s been busy with WRPF stuff and I remember an interview where he said if he is training deadlift hard then it takes a bit off his bench. Think he has an actual job making up his time/focus/stress.

Sarychev would need to fully commit for a decent chunk of time and make some sacrifices to break the record and these past few years have probably not been the right time.

While we are here.

Dunno how I missed this vid. Subs propah baby pls