The Healthiest Way to Improve Sexual Functioning

Curcumin For Better Erections

Boost your bedroom performance and overall health with this science-backed supplement. Just be sure to use the right kind.

Medical researchers have long been interested in curcumin (Buy at Amazon) – a naturally occurring compound in turmeric – for its positive effects on inflammatory response, neurological health, and cardiovascular health. Lifters love it because it beats glucosamine-chondroitin supplements for relieving achy joints, and it’s a healthy replacement for NSAIDs.

Now, another group is getting excited about curcumin: men who want to improve or sustain their erection health.

Erections and Hydraulics

Erections involve biological plumbing (blood vessels), but the pressure in biological plumbing is regulated by chemicals like nitric oxide instead of turn-off valves. If you increase the integrity and health of the blood vessels and turn up the pressure by increasing nitric oxide, you maximize erections.

Curcumin is one of the few compounds that accomplishes both these things. In doing so, it improves nearly every aspect of arterial health. And if your arteries are clean and functioning at 100%, you’ll have stronger erections.

Here are just some of the cardiovascular, “pipe-clearing” benefits attributed to curcumin:

  • Prevention of arteriosclerosis
  • Raising of HDL
  • Lowering of total cholesterol
  • Protecting arteries against homocysteine, a factor in cardiovascular issues
  • Lowering triglycerides
  • Protecting arteries against high blood pressure
  • Lowering of fibrinogen, a chemical that increases clotting. Reducing it is a key factor in preventing heart attack or stroke.

It’s great to have clear pipes, but erections need something else: nitric oxide (which is how ED drugs work, too). The chemical relaxes the blood vessels leading to the penis so they can carry even more blood. Even small doses of curcumin (80 mg. a day) increase the amount of nitric oxide in plasma.

Curcumin’s effects on sexual functioning don’t end with hydraulics, though. The compound also has the following science-supported effects on the male reproductive system:

  • Slightly elevated testosterone levels
  • Improved sperm quality
  • Protection of testicular function from alcohol consumption

High-Absorption Curcumin

If you’re not using the micellar form of curcumin, you’re getting short-changed. Most turmeric and curcumin supplements are poorly absorbed by the body, even with the addition of piperine. Regular curcumin isn’t soluble in the gastrointestinal tract, and your body rejects most of it.

Knowing curcumin’s potential for human health, neuroscientists at UCLA developed a patented method of extracting pure, solid lipid curcumin from turmeric root that’s highly bioavailable. These ultra-concentrated lipidized curcumin particles deliver 95 percent more nutrients to your bloodstream.

Biotest’s Micellar Curcumin (Buy at Amazon) formula provides 400 milligrams of this advanced formula in each easy-to-take capsule. And with the radically improved absorption, you only need one capsule daily.


The Perfect Stack for Sexual Health

There’s something else that can get (quite literally) in the way of having healthy erections: your prostate. To cover all the bedroom bases and keep your prostate healthy, consider stacking Micellar Curcumin with P-Well (Buy at Amazon).


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Doesn’t curcumin inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT which for some could lower libido?

I have a friend who is a doc. His go to suggestion is good old naughty movies. My wife would have backhanded me if I brought that up.


You will destroy your marriage getting involved with porn, it totally degrades your wife when her husband gets into that trash. It emotionally destroys her sense of being a woman and being physically attractive to her husband. My friend lost his marriage with that insanity, he was addicted and it will rewire your brain chemistry to the point, only that behavior gets a man stimulated. Talk to a professional counselor about that topic, nothing positive comes from it, only pain to your spouse.

I do not disagree, nor did I state I agreed with my friend. Notice when I wrote my wife would backhand me. One of my goals in life is to not disappoint her. I suggest, reading a complete post, however short, and keep the moralizing to yourself until you know what you are rambling about. I do appreciate the thought however, and again do not disagree.

Opinions vary, you sound like a beta male with your fear of your wife. BTW dont take if on blood thinners, basically just do your own research instead of bro science.

Well, Alpha, Beta, I am glad we can have this session doctor. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to disappoint a spouse. We have made it work heading into 40 years. Thanks for the help.