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The Great, Beautiful West

My wife I just returned from a trip to California. Our home base was Downey, just outside L.A. This marked the fourth time I’ve been out west. Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, Seattle and Portland on one trip, and most recently L.A. and San Diego on this trip.

The two best cities, I thought, were San Diego and Seattle. San Diego was beautiful, perfect weather, clean, right on the ocean. We both said we could easily live there.

Being from the northeast U.S., Philadelphia to be exact, I wondered if there’s anyone out there who lives out west and who has visited the east coast and thought about moving east?

I couldn’t imagine that being the case with the northeast’s frigid winters, the southeast’s storms and such. The west just seems so perfect. Every time I’ve gone out west I’ve had a great time and could easily adjust to living on the west coast. And I think west coast living is quite different than east coast living in many respects. Not all, of course, but many.

But how 'bout you left coast dwellers? Ever dream of moving to New York City? Maybe Washington, D.C.? Or Miami?

The only time I ever think about moving some where else is when I think of the housing costs out here and how I want to be able to buy a house some day. In Santa Barbara I would say the minimum house cost is $500,000, a condo is $300,000+ and you better be ready to pay a cool million for some place nice. Of course not all of California is that expensive, but compared to many other parts of the country there is a rather large gap in housing costs.

Yes, you’re right.

The west is better.

I’m hoping to get into U of Waterloo & do grad school there, so I’d be living in southern Ontario. If I can do that, it won’t be so hard to see all the old(er) cities in Quebec & the Maritimes, like Halifax, Quebec, Montreal & the National Parks over there like Cape Breton Island & Forillon.

I moved to Boston from Southern California last summer for grad school, and I’m HATING it. I agree that it’s MUCH nicer out west. Personally, I have a hard time being in a bad mood when it’s 72 degrees and sunny, especially if I can see the ocean too, but that’s rarely the case here.

JC, I’m a Washington State native currently in the eastern part of the state but also lived in Seattle.

Dude, I love it out here, and would never leave the west, especially the Pacific Northwest.

I say this having lived in NY, NH, MA, NJ, etc.

To me, the whole social climate is different out west (unless, of course, you decide to live in the middle of Los Angeles). More open spaces, yet enough of the big city (culture, cuisine, sports, etc.) to keep you from feeling isolated.

Mix that with “real” mountains, better snow skiing, bigger waves in the Pacific…okay, little things, I know, but things I get off on nevertheless…

Anyway, that’s my own biased opinion.

If you liked Seattle, you’d love Portland. It’s a smaller, quainter city that isn’t quite so full of itself… no offense to anyone up there, of course. :slight_smile:

I have lived on the east coast all my life. I’ve only visited the west a couple of times, but boy you’re right about its beauty. When I get out of school, I am strongly considering moving to San Diego. That city is perfection. The only thing that might keep me east is that I would to try living in NYC. Like most people, I’d probably either love it or hate it, although the cultural experience would be worth it in itself. Anybody here live in the city?

Actually I live in the 2nd most western state in the union. Weather is always warm. The cost of living is high, and women are scarce.

I moved out west from PA (Pitt area) back in 75. The few trips I’ve had to make to the east coast since then left me feeling very claustrophobic and anxious to leave. Haven’t been back to the old “home town” since about 82.

I’ve been to the west coast plenty of times but never had and urge to move there. San Diego and the Bay area are the two nicest places I’ve ever been, and as soon as the few extra million people living there now leave I’d be happy to move there.

Until then I’ll stay here in the least populated state in the union. I moved to Colorado back in the mid 80’s, and came back to Wyo two years ago. I live about 12 miles from the state capital but I’m in a very rural area, with my own well and septic and no neighbors. I lived 18 miles from the capital in Denver and was in a very urban area near a major highway. Give me the wide open spaces. I have 6 horses on my land and at night I can’t even see any other lights, except stars.

damn Say is just a high school kid…

or college.

Yes. I agree that the W. states are much more beautiful than the E. states. I’ve been working in the Bay Area, and I love it except for the weekly commute of 5,000 miles. I’ve been to Vancouver, San Diego, L.A., San Fran/San Jose, Napa/Sonoma, and Portland, and I loved ALL of them (albeit Vancouver’s weather was a lil too cold for my taste). And I loved Portland cuz it’s sales tax free! :slight_smile:

BTW – the only thing that will deter me from moving to CA, WA, and OR is the housing. If I move to the West, I’d love to live in San Fran, and there’s no way I’m going to afford anything there unless I get a rich husband or win a fat jack pot.

Uh yeah I did say grad school, so I’d be 1 of ~400 grad students in math there. http://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/navigation/About/facts.shtml

Tyler, I definitely like Portland, but you guys gotta get pro football and baseball teams first!

Of course your Blazers have been kicking around the Sonics lately, but what a bunch of gangstas! :slight_smile:

tme, there’s a lot to be said about no lights at night except for the stars. My parents had 400 acres in the Blue Mountains of Oregon, and had the same thing.

Yeah, the JailBlazers may be having some fun with your Sonics lately, but that’s only because Payton’s moved on. That Starfucks owner made a big mistake on that one.

But there’s really no shame in the fact that our team enjoys a toke or two before, during and after each game… is there? :slight_smile:

And we’re working on the baseball thing right now. At this rate, I figure we might have team in…oh…ten or twenty years. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go wait in line for tickets.

The problem with oregon is that there is no self serve gas. I’ve driven through there and that is my one complaint. I’ve lived in various nicer parts of CA and way back in seatle, and I must say, after travelling to plenty of other states, there is nowhere else in the US in which I would want to live. There are a number of places internationally though of which I am quite fond. I would love an international type job, although I always have trouble switching between languages.

Portland is definitely a great big town. And don’t let anyone tell you different!

What’s great is that we’re near the coast, mountains, and desert. So, we’re within driving distance for skiing/snowboarding, hiking, or doin’ some whale watching.

And yes, it does rain. But not all the time. Besides, the rain makes it all green around here.

And I do love San Diego. Second favorite city (and that thar is a city). Year-round beautiful weather. That nice, coastal breeze. sigh

But I do love the West Coast. San Fran, Seatle, Vancouver, Portland, etc. Just love it around here.

Tyler: I abhor the Blazers. And our nutbrain of a Mayor, Vera Katz spending all that money to “lure” a pro baseball team. Ick.

Funny thing about the no self-serve gas. One time, I had driven up to Seattle for a “Fitness Pro” weekend of seminars. I had enough gas to where I didn’t need to refill until I was ready to leave.

It’s pouring down rain, and I pull up to a gas station (still in Seattle). I just sit there, waiting for a attendent to come out. When I was about ready to lay on the horn, I realized I was in Seattle. NOT Portland. hehehehe my bad. So, I humbly get out into the rain to pump some gas.

Love the pacific NW. Don’t care for the East coast.