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The Better Anti-E?

My understanding is that clomid is a “better” anti-estrogen
while on a cycle than arimidex because it also helps to
mitigate the feedback ihibition. My 1st question is: which
is a better anti-E for long term use while not on AAS? I
get the impression that Arimidex is considered safer for long term use. Second question: am I correct in thinking
that clomid would be the better anti-E while on gear? Third
question: would it be worthwhile to use both while doing
a cycle of T? Thanks.

Arimidex is better in the regard of actually fixing the problem of estrogen levels being too high and for being
less likely to have any side effect (Clomid is pretty mild
too however, but a small percentage may have temporary and
reversible vision disturbances, and some may have some somewhat-feminine mood problems – for others that effect actually can be positive, enhancing personal relationships. Women may like you better on Clomid! You may be more complimentary and empathic.) Clomid may be better for speeding recovery.

That is something I wanted to address. I had a freind taking Clomid while coming off his cycle. When he was on it he was such an idiot. Any movie that had a sad part was just horror to sit through with him. He could not stop crying, even after the movie! All this coming from a guy that would rather kick someone’s ass than have to talk to them. I know Clomid acts as an estrogen in some tissues but this is rediculous. Which brings me to a question. I’ve read that estrogen can have an additive effect when in the presence of high androgens for putting on muscle. This is the basis for putting estrogen in cattle implants, though they get fat from it too. Also some have empirically seen that high androgen levels without the presence of estrogen do not work as well (as seen while using high amounts of Arimidex). I know adding estrogen to a cycle is a BIG no-no, but if Clomid acts as an estrogen (I know it does in bone but not sure about muscle) then would it not be a great addition to a cycle anyway?

Clomid appears to be estrogenic in muscle tissue and is
known to protect muscle tissue against injury. While you can get excellent gains with it or without it when using a good stack of androgens, I prefer for Clomid to be in there. I utterly do not believe the speculations by others that it “ought” to reduce gains… this was very poor theorizing
and nothing more than that. Basically it was because some
postmenopausal women showed lower IGF-1 levels when using
tamoxifen, so Dan Duchaine figured male bodybuilders using
androgens would get the same result and would grow less
because of less IGF-1. Real world results say, no way.