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The Anabolic Diet

Ok, here is my question. I really do want to start the anabolic diet, but am worried as I have been on a pretty strict ketosis diet the past year. Will I be able to use this diet to my advantage or do I have to actually get out of ketosis first to start this? The issue would be, if I try to go back to the “before” period then I would probably pack on the pounds before starting the new diet. I really don’t want to gain 10-15 pounds and then start this diet. Any advice??

Yeah, just go right into the diet. You’ve pretty much done the “introductory” period, which is normally 12 days doing under 30g a day. So this means you can go right into using weekends for carbs. Although, I’d start off with just Sunday for carbs, and then gradually increase to see how you do. You never know, two days might be too much.

im not sure what you mean. the anabolic diet is as close to a keto diet as you can get. your allowed somewhere around 30 grams of cho per day.

you need to tell us your goals.

By strict keto I’m assuming you mean as near-0 carbs as you can? You’ll have no problem going into the Anabolic diet. As P-dog said, while the AD isn’t strict Keto, it’s close. I actually think you will gain some muscle going into a CKD diet after being keto-ing for so long.

The anabolic diet is a keto diet. You just have 2 days of carbs per week but you aren’t going to do anything other than replenish glycogen and perhaps gain some muscle. This depends on your carb-ups not being absurd but it shouldn’t be a problem for you overall. I suppose if you notice some fat spillover you don’t like, cut the carbup to 1.5 days or 1 day and see what happens. I believe the idea behind the diet is to cause your muscles to suck up more glycogen than normal and grow during the carb up where the keto part is to put your body in a state to accomplish this glycogen supercompensation.

I was on a low-carb diet for 9 months. I started JB’s massive eating a week-and-a-half ago, adjusted for my carb sensitivity.

I’ve gained 5 pounds since then, most of it FAT and water. Shit, I looked so good with my six-pack, too! Fuck me…

In anycase, we low-carbers tend to bloat-up after re-introducing carbs in the diet. John Berardi talks about using a 6-week period to slowly adjust to the carbs. He’s probably right…what a brain on that guy.

My experience is that, while the bloat sucks, it has stabilized after 5lbs of gain, and is well worth it if I gain good LBM on my mass phase starting next week. Besides, it’s winter-time now, and tight shirts are out. I can always go back on a fat-fast if I need to.

Good luck!


Hey, thanks, I guess that I am still trying to lose some weight, but I don’t want to lose the muscle that I have put on.