The 280 Pound Bulk Topic


I’ve been training on a consistent basis since August of 2007, and not so consistent since July of '06 after a layoff of around two years or so from 2004-2006.

I started July of '04 at a fairly solid 215, but had to gorge myself to get there. I rapidly lost weight due to heat, lots of walking and poor nutrition (I was in Brazil at the time) and ended my stint looking very bad @ 165 or thereabouts.

Came back, made a commitment to gain that muscle back and started lifting again. I had (have) fairly limited resources; lifting in the garage was kind of inconvenient. I gave a simple 20 rep squat routine a whirl and ate everything not nailed down. 3 protein shakes a day, 1/2 to a gallon of milk daily, bananas, lots of chicken, lunchmeat and cheese, etc. Got up to around 190-200, and I’d say about half that weight was muscle. Started doing a Westside template and was into it for a couple months.

Things came to a screeching halt when the garage was ocupado for about three months, so in that time I said fuck it, bought a rack & a bench off (great place, btw; very cheap and dependable) got back one of my bars and a stack of weights, and built myself a platform in my room.

Now I had ample training space, and could begin in earnest. Made huge gains on Westside- bench went up from 200 to 255 in four months (down from 235 during that forced 3 months layoff) squat is finally a good bit over 300, so’s the deadlift and it looks like I might actually hit 200 in the overhead press for the first time ever.

However, I feel myself getting a bit…itchy. I’m making good progress (with minor changes) with my current routine, but I’m tired of being a short small dude in a big man’s world. I’m going to continue on with Westside until April (when I’ve planned to hit a bench in the 275-300 range, squat & dead in the high 300’s/low 400’s, shoulder press around 185-200, etc) so that I have a decent strength base, and THEN:

bulk until I’m 280 pounds. 280 GOOD pounds. Not "fat guy with nice forearms) 280, or “improbably ripped to the bone 280” (yeah right), but just two hundred and eighty solid, fair-amount-of-muscle-tissue, not-too-worried-about-fat-‘cause-I’m-eatin’ clean pounds.

I don’t really have a specific timeframe other than the beginning of 2009. I’d like to switch a five day conventional split, reps north of six but south of ten and a commensurate number of sets. I feel like I’d respond well to the variety, but of course I accept advice and counsel from those far, far wiser than I.

I’ll post pictures of the then and the now, and talk a bit more about nutrition, specifics about the split, progress I’m currently making, etc. For now I’ll just give you the stats and quit typing.


235 lbs (approximately)
Don’t really know my measurements but I’ll put them up later
Bench 1RM: 260
Squat 1RM: 340
Deadlift 1RM: 370
Overhead press 1RM: 170 (don’t really max out on these)
Chinups for reps: 6 but I normally keep it below so I can do more sets and get better at them

Sorry to sound unoriginal, but pics???

I’m editing this completely. Your goals are your own, but all I’m going to say is I think this is an absolutely terrible idea for you.

Let’s start with the worst and go from there, shall we?

Those aren’t love handles; they’re sex bumpers, baby.

front, relaxed

That is to say, NOT relaxed. Heh.

The wheels, such as they are

lat spread (keep in mind I have no idea how to do these)

Everybody’s favorite. Hey, I don’t look that fat in this one!

So that’s pretty much it for now. Not eating clean at all, obviously. I do very little arm work and my, does it show.

I might take some videos of the next squat session for the lulz.

‘bulking’ is the last thing you should be doing right now. you are fat and if you ‘bulk’ it will just get worse. if you are truly eating ‘clean’ then you should be able to maintain weight, gain muscle and lose fat steadily while you gain strength - do this until you’re ‘solid’ and not fat anymore, THEN worry about bulking.

Oh i see you aren’t eating clean. you need to start ASAP. eat clean and maintain your weight, your body composition will improve drastically. no one cares if you’re big and shaped like a pear

Fat T MAn, is that you?

Nah, that’s not me. I’m not that old, for one.

Here’s what my setup looks like.

Rack was $299 with free shipping, bench was $149 (around $175 after tax and shipping) and I got a couple sheets of plywood (forget what length/thickness) had them cut it, bought some padding and voila’: my very own platform. Already had some weights and a bar hanging around. Got some wrist and knee wraps, a belt, a 3 board and some straps too.

Whole process took about a day or so from A to Z. Had to move some stuff around in my room, get rid of some bookcases, but it wasn’t that big a deal.

I plan on getting a few different pairs of DB’s since I broke my old adjustable set to complete the ensemble.

LUEshi, I wasn’t going to post in this thread because I’m not nearly at the point where I can advice someone on getting to 280 pounds but I just wanted to say; be careful who you take advice from. Many people here won’t let their lack of experience stop them from ‘helping’ you.

Also, you might want to consider finding a hardcore powerlifting gym or something with people who have already reached your goal to train with.

Good luck.

bulking doesn’t mean eating whatever you want.


Increase your lift numbers. Ain’t lookin’ too pretty.

You’re eating too many calories if you dont want the “fat guy with nice forearms” look.

[quote]Rugby_Owns wrote:
bulking doesn’t mean eating whatever you want.[/quote]

It sure doesn’t. No one carrying that much body fat should be “bulking” unless they want to hurt themselves.

LOL, is this guy kidding? It’s like he is the opposite end of the spectrum from the 150 pd soaking wet teen who is afraid of losing his abs. A 1 pd muscle/4 pd fat gain shouldn’t be acceptable.

I’d like to say thanks to all you guys for giving it to me straight. So basically I’ll go into a holding pattern for a while, get my lifts up and try to shed some of this fat before I start again. Basically;

*Eat clean (not hard for me, actually, but it requires a lot of preparation. Just have to get up earlier)
*Get the lifts up
*Start doing cardio

Okay. Anything else? Any tricks or tips anyone can recommend?