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Thanks T-Mag!

Just wanted to say that I just got my Hot-Rox water bottle today and it rocks! You guys were right you didn’t skip on quality. Thanks T-Mag and Biotest. Keep up the good work!

I agree. I was incredibly stoked when I found out it was a Nalgene bottle. Those things are indestructable. Once, I dropped one about 100 ft down a gorge, and I heard it bounce off a rock at the bottom. Well, I thought, there goes my bottle.

When I got down there, the bottle wasn’t just intact, it didn’t even have a scratch on it (!).

The point is, Biotest doesn’t skimp, even on the small stuff. And that speaks highly of them.

Dan “Proud to be a Citizen of T-Nation” McVicker

Thanks again, T-mag. You should have seen my wife and kids trying to figure out how to drink out of it like a sip bottle.

Ditto to what’s been said. And it got here so quickly. Usually freebies come by horseback or whatever’s cheapest. Biotest/Testosterone are unbeatable!

You’re welcome!

You can thank Tim Patterson for the Nalgene bottles. I actually had no idea he was giving away $10 water bottles when I started the promotion. The man doesn’t skimp on anything.

I’m jealous now. I still haven’t gotten mine yet. Did yours come via UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS?

I hope the strong winds here didn’t blow my package away…

Mine came yesterday (Thurs) Fed-Ex. These things are cool - they are about as big as a Foster’s can.

Mine came yesterday, but I just got a chance to open the package this morning. These things are awesome! Once again, thank you very much (not for just the bottle, but for everything t-mag does for us).

Another thanks to Tmag for the water bottle. You guys rock!

Just got mine today. I would like to add that I placed an order on Wed night from the superstore and the goods were already on my doorstep at 5 Thurs when I got home. Kick ass.

Now I’m a bit worried. I wonder if the pesky neighbors or the devious little Fed-Ex man may have stolen my water bottle. Still no sign of it yet… hopefully it turns up soon…

Thanks for mine as well! A great end of the week surprise after a tough day at work!


Thank you so very much T-mag! The bottle is awesome!

My second free bottle is on the way :slight_smile: I just placed a purchase for two bottles of hot-rox at the biotest store. Good stuff.