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Thanks and a LOW T Question


Thanks to everyone that responded to my last question. Very helpful.

I start HRT next week.

Now my question:
I've had the last 3 weeks off from work, so I've been hitting the weights and running pretty hard. The last two mornings I felt like I was hit by a truck. Couldn't even get out of bed, after almost 11 hours sleep. I dont think this is a CNS, I'm very careful in how I workout and recover.

My original complaint which lead to the T test was fatigue. This feels similar, but much worse. Could the fatigue be related to my low T levels and increased workouts?

Thanks again.


Sounds like your E2 may be increasing, but I defer to KSMan in this and all T-related questions.


Any tick bites?


None that I know of :slightly_smiling:

That was first thing my MD thought of when i went for the fatigure issue..I thought she just wanted an excuse to checl me out :slightly_smiling:

My energy level was fine the next two days after I made this post..had two great workouts and a great run...really is strange.

Doc is going to start HRT Thursday..I'm hoping to talk her into injections but I'm sure she will want to try creams and such first..


Creams, gels or injections. Money is an issue and so is you insurance coverage. Injectables are least cost and hormone levels are very steady with frequent injections. Doc often think that injections suck because of infrequent injections. The drug reps for T gels are all to happy to manipulate that thinking.


Sadly, in the end...gel may be the way I have to go, short term.
Is there any other consideration as in keeping my body making at least as much T as it is now?