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Testopel Update..


Good energy, pain in site gone after 2 weeks. It was severe recovery pain. My workouts are stronger but.. Anxiety is up and it's worse at night. It feels like the same hot flash anxiety I had when I stopped TRT cold turkey 2 years ago.

As far as libido goes, I feel no different on TRT at all.

I haven't retested my levels as it's only been two weeks since implanting 10 pellets. My doctor wants to see me in three months.

So my thinking is my body is not used to a high level of T or Estradiol is up, maybe both.


I would get tests done sooner by going to a doc or order a blood panel online from a lab, if available in your area.

3 months is too long to wait.


implants should be measured with in 3 weeks then every month after so they can be reinstalled.
After about a month your levels may be about 800-900 with that amount of pellets. They should be replaced every 3 months.


The clinical dosage is 2 to 6 pellets.

Why are you receiving TEN?


That's what Dr. Mel gave me. He didn't say much, popped them in told me this will get my levels up and my last test was mid 200's Quest.

Told me he will see me in three months. Nothing more.


Agree. I'm going to my family Doctor Monday for testing. He's been my physician 15 years. He always tests my levels and all my lipids etc.

Heart attacks run in my family for years so I keep track.


Also what male bloods panel should I ask for? Total, Free, Estradiol, DHEA, LH, FSH, DHT etc.
I have excellent coverage, just hope my Doc will test more than Total, Free and Estradiol.


He does test for FSH and LH regularly.


So far he's only tested my estradiol and total Test. We've done three blood tests so far. No mention of LH, FSH.
I will ask my personal physician when I go this week.


why would you test for FSH or LH once you are on Testosterone replacement? T-replacement basically shuts down your natural FSH/LH production. Your blood tests should show below range FSH/LH every time. That's why so many people recommend using HCG to replace the missing LH.


Pellets suck donkey ballz, at least for me. Had one pop out, bled all over the fucking place. Rather shoot 200 mg/week.

Use a 25, put the loaded syringe on a hot pad set on low for 30 min, sweet as sweet can be.


Mine don't show below range every time; they show low normal.

He doesn't check LH and FSH as often as he does for the other lab values; he checks once or twice per year. In the one event in which LH and FSH were CRITICALLY low (like near 0), he put me on clomid ALONE at half a tab for a month, and then put me back on Androgel.


Not all pellets have the same mass of T per pellet.

Pellets are completely absorbed, not removed as "replaced" implies. With the subsequent pellet injections, the new pellets are releasing T and the older pellets are still releasing [lower] amounts of T. Perhaps a first dose would be higher the others with this action in mind.

What is the point of testing LH, FSH when on TRT when it is very rare that these levels do not trend to zero?


So....how is it going for you? Any more updates?


I have not retested yet. Been too busy. And I don't want to overdo the numbers game. I feel really good and energetic. Muscles harder and stronger, libido good. Very little if any shrinkage but there is some.

I take some Testopro and Dhea, a few days of Sustain Alpha. My workouts have been the best and most intense in years. I'm going how I feel. Not by 1100 total test, free test, tsh, etc. I know my body well and I feel good. I wish I'd have some more fat loss but my muscles are much more dense. I'm sparring again with a fierce intensity and I'm not zoning out as I would before.

Now for the other side.. After hard leg workouts the pellets under my skin get sore. Not bad but uncomfortable for a few days. The first two weeks as you have read before were miserable. I couldn't walk and I had to rely on alot of Aleve. I could not sleep on my right side and getting around at work was not fun. I never take pain killers, this was the first time in years I needed them.

I will test soon and post numbers. But I don't think I want to do another round of pellets. The pain for me was that bad and the thought of a severe infection makes me wonder. I may opt for shots but my Doc does them every two weeks in office. When I did shots before I seemed fine until I added HCG and then the panic attacks, severe heart pounding and rage outbursts started.


Perhaps pellets are ok for a sit-about type. With heavy muscle effort, the muscle may be grinding on the pellets and becoming damaged/inflamed.