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Hey I am 26, 220 pounds, 15%bf, training weights 5x week and body/cardio 3x with 1-2 rest days. Diet is clean no worries there

8 week sust/dbol
10 week sust/deca/clen
12 week dbol/testE/tren ace

I’ve been tinkering around and this is generally what I’m hoping to run, Test throughout, front loaded with Tren Ace, running deca through the bulk, and cleaning up strong/lean with some winny.

Weeks 1-10 Test Prop 500mg/week
Weeks 1-10 Nan Deca 250mg/week
Weeks 1-6 Tren Ace 150mg/week
Weeks 7-10 Winny 200mg/week

Weeks 11-14 Nolvadex 100/80/60/40mg ED
Aromasin on hand when needed. If no sides during cycle, than running with PCT

I’ve heard good things with Tren and Deca together, haven’t had any bad experience with either one.

Should I start the deca early since the prop is fast?
Again this is a general layout, if anyone has some good tweaks feel free to educate me.

Thanks gents

deca and tren both hits the same receptors. tren will win over deca. So I would suggest using only one of the 2