Test Results

I am about 6 months into trt. I have been taking an array of vitamins and working out. Putting the cart in front of the horse. I started taking an old supplement (Andro Stack) i had not used in a while. Probably not the smartest thing to do. Well after a few bad mood swings and night time anxiety attacks I quit the supplement.

I talked the endo into doing full labs. My Etradiol 17b test came back53 pg/mL. The range is 10-60. My DHEA-S came back 378.5 which is high. The range is 10.0-319.0. The DHEA being high doesn’t suprise me since the Andro Stack has dhea in it. I quit taking 4 days before the labs. But the Estradiol 17b ,which I have read is E2, is in limit but seems to high from what I have read here.

Currently my endo has me on nothing other than test-cyp. No adex and no hcg. I have read the sticky on protocol. I showed this to the endo in the beginning. He said “interesting” and kept the paper. What should I do to convince him I should be on adex?

Any other recommendations or thoughts? Thanks

I just read on other threads that dhea supplements in some will spike E2. I take it this is the case for me. Hopefully my endo will rerun the test in a few months.

Nobody with suggestions? Should I be on Adex? My endo has not said a word about anything else.