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Test Only Cycle

I am now on my 5th cycle…and now I have decided to do a test only cycle. My last cycle was Sus 250 and Eq. I was doing 400 mil Sus and 400 mil Eq a week. Last check at the doctor was my test was over 3000. This was over a year ago. Now this was the first time I had had it tested so I am not sure what measurement was used, but he told me it needed to come down. My question is how much can I do of test only to have the desired size gains without getting the outrageous T-levels.

shit, on my last cycle my test level was 11,000. now thats high. My doc was amazed, but wasnt the highest he had ever seen, told him I would try to beat 12,000 next time. lol.

3000 is not out of the norm when on a cycle, the numbers will come down plenty when you are off cycle.

Thanks…since I had never had it checked before the doc made it sound like it was unheard of. I know I can kick it up a little with no worries.