Test-E First Shot Bad Reaction

Hello everyone, I just took my first 1mL of test-e 250 and I had a reaction immediately after the dose. I became lightheaded, with hot flashes/sweats and dizzy. My vision became blurred and those symptoms lasted around 15 mins. Now 45 mins after the dose I have still a slight ringing and numbness in my hands. And a slight chest pressure.

Does it seem like I am allergic to the test-e or did I get bad gear? Or did I take too much for a first dose?

Thank you in advance to everyone for your help

You had a panic attack.


Probably set off by a severe case of vaginitis… I kid I kid.


But I am still feeling weak 6 hrs later with cold chills. And some slight pressure in my chest and a tingle feeling in my right hand. Could it still be an allergic reaction? Or a shot administered poorly?

Thank you for your reply

It’s not an allergic reaction. It’s a panic attack. I’ve had a million of them. After they’re over you feel like you’ve run a marathon while having a heart attack. Everything you’re describing is anxiety. It will be fine.

Thank you, how long do your symptoms and weak feelings last after? Also have you ever had severe blurred vision?

The older I get the more I realize what a bitch anxiety is (especially when it leads to insomnia). I haven’t gotten a panic attack yet, but insomnia is also pretty terrible.

Length depended on when it would happen. If it was in the middle of the day or the morning the feelings would linger until I went to sleep. If it was at night it was fine because I’d sleep it off.

An update: I am having some hives on my stomach. And my legs and arms itchy.

I am still not convinced that it’s not sone kind of minor allergic reaction.

Thank you everyone for your insight in advance

Has it ever been so bad you lost your vision for some length of time?

So far Its been 16 hrs and I still feel kinda weak and my legs itchy…quite the opposite of the effects I was expecting.

Thanks for your insight

Hi tj, You did not give us much history. Is this your first cycle? Are you on TRT?
Do you trust your supplier? The management can get touchy when talking about sources so no talking about that. Can you post a picture of your bottle?

I use T cyp for my prescribed TRT treatment but when I blast I prefer T E. mostly because the concentration is 250 so I can inject less oil. I have never experienced the side effect you described. Is your injection site red or swollen? What needle size and where are you injecting?

This is my first injection on my first cycle ever. I injected into the upper glute with a 23g 1". There is no swelling but some pain in my glute (but that is not much of a concern for me). What is a concern was my reaction after my injection and how I am still feeling after 20hrs fatigued, and itchy and at times it feels like my blood pressure rises.

Thank you for your help

What oil is it in? Could have an alergy

Still feeling low energy, somewhat itchy at times and more frequent urination 42hrs after the dose.

Needless to say I won’t continue with the cycle. Would it be reccomended that I do a small pct in the following week? Or could I take some proviron to jump start my test production?

Thanks everyone for your help

IMO no you do not need a PCT from one injection. For some reason, you have just had a reaction to this bottle. Either the oils they used cottonseed, grape whatever. I would find a new source and start with alow dose to see how it affects you. Even a TRT dose of 150mg/wk would be worth trying. I hope I have offered something worth thinking about. You will be fine don’t panic.

Thanks for the reply.

Before the test e injection, I initially started with winny 20mg + provi 50mg was on it for one week and feeling good. But then everywhere I’ve read says I needed test as a base. So I stopped taking the winny for two days and then took my first dose of test e 250. But after this reaction and the way I’m feeling now I do not want to continue with the cycle. This is also why I ask if I will need something to boost my testosterone after this since one week on winny and then the test will almost be like 3 week’s total. Thinking that it could shut down some of my natural production.

I look forward to your guys response. Thank you

I still don’t think you need a PCT. You were not on anything long enough to shut you down for any length of time. IMO never do any orals or derivatives of testosterone without a base injection of T. They will all shut your natural production down so you must supplement.

Ok thank you… I hope to start feeling better soon with more energy. Before I took anything I always had plenty of energy and stamina. Not after the injection today I couldn’t even workout and I started seeing dots as I feel my blood pressure raised dramatically.

I’ve never had any problem getting lean and toned.but can never add mass. That’s why I began my cycle. But at this point I don’t want to continue with how I feel. Hope things will be back to before in the next week.

Look forward to your guys insight and criticism. I know I went about this wrong. Thank you

I believe you should be fine without a PCT. Even 3 weeks total on shouldn’t be too hard to recover from without additional drugs.

I would agree that your symptoms sound more like a panic attack than an allergic reaction. But, if you have such a bad reaction to a single steroid injection then it’s not the path for you.

Thank you for the reply.

Has anyone else experience such low energy after a shot? I can’t even complete a workout