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Test E, Anavar for First Cycle


Hay people ,
Just to start off I’m very new to this and believe I could have gone with some bad advice off the bat.
18% bf
Weight lifting for 5 years or so

So got some test e 400 and was told to use 1.5cc once a week for 12 weeks. And to take 25mg of anavar twice a day so 50mg a day for the hole cycle. And was told to also take novadex twice a week. I’m on week 8 right now doing just that. The more research I have done said that I should only be taking the anavar the last 8 weeks, not from the beginning and not for 12 weeks and probably don’t need to be taking the novadex.
So should I not continue the anavar after this week ? If so do I need to do anything to not get sides ? I’m starting to feel on edge kinda like anxiety , could this be a side ? I know I should have done way more research on this before experimenting with my self. Just looking for some advice on what I should do and how I should go about my pct? Thanks for reading


Anavar has a half life of 8-9 hours. I suggest splitting your dosages into thirds, and taking it every 8 hours, so your blood levels stay consistent and you have it in your system for 24 hours.