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Teen trying to train

I am trying to gain muscle but i particapte in football or basketball at my highschool. So if there is anybody who knows any wethod i can use to gain muscle let me know.

Eat; when in football season, focus on skills necessary for football (and your position); when in basketball, same thing applies.

Look into Renegade Training. And EAT. Food. Plenty of it.

BTW, if Renegade Training is out of the question (and sorry, if that’s so), then train with the compounds (squat, bench, dead) along with the necessary assistant exercises. Concentrate on these during your “down time” from football and basketball. This should be a good start. In the meantime, read up the FAQ for other programs.

Search the archives here at t-mag like the FAQ section in every issue and get on a good hypercaloric diet and train with the heavy compound lifts like Patricia said adn most of all be patient.


During the season I’m in general agreement that you should focus on the drills and training required for the sport. As for your workouts, they should be as few as 2 per week simply trying to maintain your current muscle mass and avoid overtraining.

In the off season you can up your training frequency and intensity because the risk of overtraining isn’t as great.

A question I would ask is whether your goal is to increase muscle mass or simply improve performance. In some sports having increased muscle mass (or increased mass of any sort) would be beneficial. A lineman in football would do well to add weight. In other sports that absolute amount of muscle doesn’t necessarily mean better performance. Bigger biceps certainly won’t make you jump higher for basketball.

So…what specifically are your goals? Are you trying to increase mass for your sport or just to look good on the beach? Or are you trying simply to improve sport performance (as mass and performance aren’t always related)?