Taurine for Neurally Taxing Workouts?

Hi Coach,

I’ve seen you post quite a bit about glycine as a post-workout tool to help return to a parasympathetic state but what about taurine? It looks like it could have a similar effect by positively modulating GABA-A.

Good question. It seems to get promoted as a sleep aid yet is in many pre-WOs.

Yeah it’s in energy drinks like Red Bull to counteract the caffeine. Pre-workout might not be a bad time actually if it starts working after about an hour.

Yes, I will keep adding a few grams to the pre workout. Meant to help with DOMS so for that reason alone probably worth taking. Also, Dr Scott Stevenson talks about it pre workout so if it’s good enough for the goose then it is good for the gander!

Taurine is a neurologically balancer. The real reason they put it in energy drinks (and some pre-workouts) is to diminish the risk of side-effects from the potentiating/excitatory ingredients.

I see more use for it post workout to help bring the CNS down without putting you to sleep. That’s why I like the combination of glycine and magnesium taurate post-workout