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Take Off Water For Photo Shoot?


i wanted to now how i can deplete my body from water for aphotoshoot that i have 5 days from now.
i have something like 2kilo of extra water retention
and i wanted to now how i cut the carbs and by how much? and how i do the load after words?


Look for an article by Chris (swolecat) Janusz here. Seven Days to Ultimate Leaness. Just modify it. Maybe shorten the sodium loading/carb depletion phase.


Does water depletion mess up your body's electrolyte balance? That is what I have been told.

Last year after I did a week long water depletion for a contest I woke up screaming every night for three months because of the horrible cramps in my legs and feet. My doctor told me that was the reason.

I did the standard no salt, no carbs, rinse your tuna, drink only distilled water and increase to 10 liters a day, then cut out water completely on the last day and take some natural diuretics.

If that was what caused the leg cramps I would not recommend it to anyone.


A simple plan which was from the old Cybertrim program and actually did work well to remove water was 6 days.

Days 1-3 very low carbs, sodium loading, water loading-like a gallon a day extra water.

Days 4-6 Carb loading, almost no sodium and just enough water to not get sick.


If you don't want to mess with sodium loading/depletion, another way to go about this is to drink water every second of the day for the first 3.5/4 days (like 5 gallons/day or so). Notice, not suprisingly, you will be pissing all the time. then cut the water the day before.. you will still be pissing all the time, and it will cut water very fast.

Or you could be pretty unhealthy and go buy some over the counter diretics..


opps, just realize the post before me, mentioned this same thing in addition to sodium loading.. oh well..


thank you on the respone
i will keep you posted


Check out 7 Days to Ultimate Leaness here on T-Mag.


5 gal will make you sick, I have done 3 for BB show and that is about the limit. Good Luck. -T