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T-Shirt Ideas?


Hi---I design t-shirts as a hobby---like the one at the link below. Was wondering if any of you had ideas for other shirts that bodybuilders would like. Thanks ahead of time for your help!



I remember a T shirt from the 80s that said 100% Muscle.

You could do that with (well, about 78% muscle with some bone and fat and water in there too)

I one time wrote on the back of my shirt that I wore during a half-Marathon that said RACE OFFICIAL DO NOT PASS on the back.




"I'm a PT. If you see me carrying a DB, run!".

Not good at this...


How about "I'm Sorry, Is Your ILS Because of Me?"


How about arrows pointing to your biceps, with a quote that says "I wish these were a personality."


Not related to lifting, but I saw a really funny shirt yesterday. It said "Bomb Squad. If You See Me Running, Try To Keep Up".

I made a t-shirt last year that has a picture of Richard Nixon bowling in a Hawaiian shirt and it says "Tan, Rested and Ready, Nixon in '12"


You should try another font. Not to crazy about the Ringer shirt,it would look better if it was a regular tee.


If you use our idea do we get a free T-shirt?


"Self driving fork lift"

"I lift things app and put zem down"


"Yeahhhhhhh buuudddaayy" -Have this text like wrap around the shirt on a diagonal path multiple times.


My idea for a t-shirt is based on that bomb one. It's quite funny.


A silhouette style print of a man curling in a squat rack.


How about a sad looking bodybuilder with "If we crash in the Andes y'all gonna eat me first right?"


Nothing against your business idea dude. But I personally would have an issue wearing a shirt attracting attention to me in that manner (muscles, flexing, steriods, etc in the shirt title). I'd just feel uncomfortable wearing it. That's just me.


^^ I did hate those shirts in the 80s and 90s with a pitbull all ripped and a barbell in its mouth with some gym's name on it.
God awful shirts.


LOL! No shit I'm stealing this one. Fucking gold!


"I protein fart in your general direction"


"does this shirt make my Gynecomastia look huge?"


Do one that says "I don't need big guns, cause I'm fucking BULLETPROOF" and only sell it in small.


I have a t shirt with arrows on the chest saying "these aren't sleeves, they're holsters". Run with a pun, will sell more.