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T-Replacement and Alpha Male


Hey folks, this is my first post on the site. I am a 54 yr. old and have been training since I was in my 20's. About a year and a half ago I was fortunate enough to find a doctor that gave me t-replacement therapy although I was about in the mid-range as far as my blood work was concerned.

My body fat went from about 12 to around 8% and my sex drive and response to training were both enhanced. I have recently moved and can't afford to resume therapy so I decided to use Alpha Male to try to give my own production a boost. I am experiencing some minor acne after about 5 weeks of taking it but I do notice that my joints are a bit stiffer when I now train as opposed to when I was on T. I am taking 2 tabs twice a day on a 5 day on 2 day off protocol. Other than the minor acne it's a little difficult to tell if my own production is really ramping up again.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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How long were you on T? Did your natural levels return with no PCT? Labs? I'm surprised you didn't crash and burn coming off T for an extended period of time with no PCT. I would have several concerns and personally i would "find a way" to stay on TRT.


Only one way to find out bud. I'm assuming you have previous labs. Do a post lab. You can get a simple, cheap lab test through LEF @http://www.lef.org/Vitamins-Supplements/ItemLC140103/Total-and-Free-Testosterone-Blood-Test.html

Its 100 bucks and will test Free and Total. Get it taken early in the morning fasted. They run through Labcorp, and are pretty common in most urban areas.


Alpha Male enhances a functioning HPTA. A proper PCT would have taken you in that direction. E2 levels are critical as well.