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T-Nation Author/Staff Request

One of the most innovative new features of the T-Nation articles has been the use of video clips in the articles. Since these just recently started to pop up it is understandable that they haven’t been used much. I think that should change!

The longer I have trained the more I realize the importance of proper form and technique. Having suffered a few injuries I feel that I still have a need to improve. I also have observed that many people place training intensity over form and technique. Most of us end up with injuries at some point and they SUCK!

My request to the contributing authors is to submit more video-clip containing articles that will show the readers proper form and technique on the most basic excersises. I know that this would be priceless to many of us readers.

I would also like to request that the staff would at some point organize all of the video-clip containing articles so that we can reference them easily whenever we feel we may be in need of some better technique. It would be a long-term thing but it would be yet another original and unique innovation of this already quality source of information.


I believe this type of archine already exists outside of the nation. If you go to google and search for “Exercise Execution Videos” you can get some.


Thats the first one that I got and it looks to be pretty good.

Hell yeah! I agree. I know it probably isn’t a simple task, but it would be nice if movements in articles were all demonstrated in video format instead of photos on an ongoing basis. They really do help!

This is the best set I have found:


Hey guys. This is something we are working on now. It is no small task. And like everything else, if we are gonna do this, we are gonna DO this. It’s got to be the best.

Stay tuned.

Thanks Matt,

As you can see from the links it hasn’t really been done as well as it could be. Looking forward to future T-endeavors.