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T Nation App/Notifications


I have the t-nation app on my android. Is there a way to receive notifications without logging onto the app? I’d like to keep myself updated as the likes pour in, but I’m also lazy.

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General Questions/FAQ Thread?

Saywhatnow? As far as I know, there is no official app, so, that one’s a head-scratcher.

The forum and website were optimized for mobile, so an app wasn’t necessary.


I may be old and confusing an app for something else. But it features on my apps list, and has a different format than when I simply log on to the forums through my browser.


You could be talking about an RSS Feeder - an app designed to pool updates from websites you choose


I saved the forums link to my desktop and it appears slightly different than my usual web browser but I think it’s just a mobile formatting thing.

It’s probably like using Chrome vs Internet Explorer.


Thanks guys