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Switched Pins - It's Gonna Be a Long 100 Injections

I’ve been using my box of 25ga 1/2" needles for the last 100 injections and haven’t really had an issue. But of course come on this forum trying to glean as much knowledge as i can. Many are touting the virtues of 29 and 30ga pins, i thought i would split the difference and bought a case of BD 27ga 1/2" needles.
Used the first one today and I must say that drawing in a 27ga vs 25ga is painfully slow and pushing takes noticeably more force. Neither drawing or injecting is difficult, but i didn’t feel a difference at the injection site to warrant the change; so i will use up this box of 100 and then go back to the 25ga.
When i started injecting a year ago, i was using 21 or 23ga (1-1.25") IM in quads, so either of the needles listed above were an improvement at the injection site over those harpoons. I inject IM in alternating delts EOD, tried chest a couple of times went OK, but there’s just something unsettling about plunging a needle into my chest.

I use an 18g to draw and pin with a 25g for delts. Works great. With the 18g, the oil practically rolls into the syringe. Takes less than a sec or two. I buy my syringes without needles, then order the 2 sizes I need. I even got everything on Amazon this last time.

i don’t mind the draw time of the 25ga, but 27ga is painfully slow (i’m sure i will get used to it) but i can’t imagine it in a Canadian winter how low it would be, i would have to warm the vial with a hairdryer to thin the oil.
To each their own, that was just my observation. i know some guys are drawing and injecting with 29 or 30ga; just not for me.

I’ve used 30g in the past and really, it’s like an extra minute.

It’s really not THATTTT big a deal. C’mon

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I draw with a 20g needle and inject into the delt with a 25g 3/4” (5/8) needle. Fast, easy, painless. I order the 5/8” 25g from WestEndMedicalSupplies.com super cheap and fast delivery. I also buy the drawing needles from there.