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Sus 250 & Dbol Cycle

im starting a sus 250 and dbol cycle and was going to run sus 250 (1/2 cc) e3d (10 weeks) & 50 mg dbol ed (6 weeks) and was wondering if 250 sus/week is worth it, i dont want to get super big gains from this, but if i remember 250 barely breaks natural test levels, correct? so should i just say screw it and run 500/week? I have pct down with clomy and a’dex for those wondering.

Why would you use steroids if you don’t want big gains? If you don’t mind me asking.
It seems to be an expensive hassel for something that can be achieved naturally.

valid point.i was confused on what i wanted to take i guess, i was going to take deca dbol but anyway i started today… 1c e3d sus for 10 weeks and 50mg dbol everyday for six weeks and am thinking about throwing in winni at the end not sure yet.

one question though, i have 50mg dbols, should i be cutting them in half and taking half in the morning and half in the afternoon or just take it once a day, i let them dissolve or chew them.

Never heard of 50mg tabs

i would split them up but thats me. and why would you chew them?

i’ve had 50mg d-bols but they’re not common. and yes split them up. use a pill splitter if they’re small. and i crush all my d-bol slightly with my teeth and let them dissolve under my tongue. dont know if id call it chewing them but ya.